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n. pl. ju·ve·nil·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being juvenile; youthfulness.
a. Foolishly juvenile behavior or character; immaturity.
b. An instance of juvenile behavior.


n, pl -ties
1. the quality or condition of being juvenile, esp of being immature
2. (often plural) a juvenile act or manner
3. juveniles collectively


(ˌdʒu vəˈnɪl ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. juvenile state, character, or manner.
2. an instance of being juvenile.

juvenilism, juvenility

Often pejorative. a mode of action or thought characterized by apparent youthfulness. — juvenile, n., adj.
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Noun1.juvenility - lacking and evidencing lack of experience of life
immatureness, immaturity - not having reached maturity
2.juvenility - the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person
youngness - the opposite of oldness


The time of life between childhood and maturity:
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Next in juvenility to Abraham came two more girls, Hope and Modesty; then a boy of three, and then the baby, who had just completed his first year.
His juvenility prevented him from entering those universities, and so, in 1909, we find him a freshman at historic Bowdoin College.
But that they take as proselytes, persons so young that they cannot know their own minds, and cannot possess much strength of resolution in this or any other respect, I can assert from my own observation of the extreme juvenility of certain youthful Shakers whom I saw at work among the party on the road.
Pickwick is somewhat infirm now; but he retains all his former juvenility of spirit, and may still be frequently seen, contemplating the pictures in the Dulwich Gallery, or enjoying a walk about the pleasant neighbourhood on a fine day.
meant only for the purposes of providing safety and taking care of the juveniles in conflict with law, a copy of the order cannot be refused to a person who seeks to challenge the declaration of juvenility of a particular person.
also to the juvenility ascribed to plays that showcase children and to
As per the FIA report, the inquiry was mandated "not to determine the age of Shafqat Hussain- [but] to ascertain whether the claim of juvenility of Shafqat Hussain at the time of crime is valid as per the facts on record or all the evidences available so far and whether the issue of juvenility can be legally or principally raised at this point of time.
All courts in the land had turned down his appeals and the Supreme Court threw out a review petition that was the first to raise the matter of Shafqats juvenility at the time of arrest, maintaining that this line of defence should have been introduced at the trial court level.
With 1,500 companies and large new areas covering 80,000 square meters, the organizer elaborately created an atmosphere of juvenility, vitality, color and modernity.
Among the 21 dead was a 17-year-old girl and it seemed that because of this, the attack moved from being a reaction to socio-political frustrations of the time to being a far more widespread attack on society, culture and juvenility.
in extended periods of juvenility and later age of sexual maturity) suggest mosaic evolution in our ancestors' social behavior the past two million years (Foley & Gamble, 2009; Lieberman, 2011).