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Variant of keffiyeh.


(Clothing & Fashion) a variant of keffiyeh


(kəˈfi ə)

an Arab headdress for men, made from a diagonally folded square of cloth held in place by a cord around the head.
[< Arabic kaffīyah, variant of kuffīyeh]


A headdress worn by Arab men, consisting of a square of cloth held on by a band.
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Noun1.kaffiyeh - an Arab headdress consisting of a square piece of cloth folded into a triangle and fastened over the crown by an agal
headdress, headgear - clothing for the head
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He sent her a large and fancy Qoran, a prayer carpet and a kaffiyeh, the Palestinian headdress that has been adopted in Iran as a sign of support for the Palestinian cause.
One 30x40cm print finds an unidentified man in a Bedouin thobe, kaffiyeh and igal, with a dagger fastened around his waist.
Khaled made history when an image of her holding an AK-47 rifle and wearing a Palestinian Kaffiyeh became an icon of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation.
The majority were young men and many were wearing red kaffiyeh scarves on their heads.
A few days ago, the sight of Kate in a kaffiyeh would have given me a coronary, but my mind was at peace.
A 9-month investigation, as shown in the documentary, reveals that high levels of polonium, a rare and highly radioactive element were detected in Arafat's final personal belongings, such as his clothes, toothbrush and kaffiyeh.
As the photos show, the art includes the map of Palestine with the Arabic prounoun [euro]uaa[euro]* ("I" or "me") and an image of a woman wearing a kaffiyeh with the word "revolt.
In his red and white checked kaffiyeh, aviator shades and heavy moustache he resembles no one else on the roots/pop scene and his music - an immediate partystarter - has ignited a significant following outside his homeland.
21) Palestinian businesses that produce the iconic kaffiyeh headscarves are being underpriced by Chinese offerings by as much as 40 percent, which has led to the shuttering of all but one Palestinian factory.
Netanyahu wants to replace the Palestinian kaffiyeh with a Jewish kippa.
Summary: The traditional Palestinian checkered scarf known as kaffiyeh is once again at the center of a conflict over freedom of speech and negative stereotypes following a Pennsylvania high school's decision
were alive today he may well have attended President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony wearing a black-and-white checkered kaffiyeh and holding a sign saying, "Mr.