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(ˈkæmpɒŋ; kæmˈpɒŋ)
(in Malaysia) a village
[C19: from Malay]


or cam•pong

(ˈkɑm pɔŋ, -pɒŋ, kɑmˈpɔŋ, -ˈpɒŋ)

a small village or community of houses in Malay-speaking lands.
[1835–45; < Malay]
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Noun1.kampong - a native village in Malaysiakampong - a native village in Malaysia  
village, hamlet - a settlement smaller than a town
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In a special issue on Indonesia the magazine 'Onderzoek uitgelicht' brings together a number of articles that are directly or indirectly related to the recent publication of two texts that shed new light on the actions of Dutch military forces during the Decolonization War of 1945-1949: Remy Limpach's De brandende kampongs van Generaal Spoor, and Gert Oostindie's Soldaat in Indonesie 1945-1950.
For weeks, as 7 May, election day, approached, dozens of lorries appeared on the roads heading to rural kampongs.
In our smaller world, Kampong Stunggang Dayak lost six and more of its beloved members, along with the oldest elder.
Earlier superblocks more commonly replaced bulldozed kampongs, the indigenous informal villages of the urban poor, with the removal of the kampongs being the other side of Sutiyoso's achievement.
The final chapters ("Mental nebulae") deal respectively with the hybridizing passage of Islam through Javanese culture and the consequent contradictions and unease confronting modern Islamic architectural debate (Chapter 8), then that quintessential Indonesian institution of the kampong gardu or guardhouse and also its persistence into the present in the myopia of the upper-class gated community.
Someone could visit, he added, 'if he likes to risk his personal safety, such unauthorised kampongs of attap huts'.
Ong had declared that '[t]he poorest sections of the people living in places like Chinatown, and those in the kampongs like Geylang or Kampong Silat .
A common ritual in Surabaya's kampongs, the slametan brings together new and old residents to commemorate a major event in the life cycle of a neighbour or an event in local history.
In demonstrating the declining influence of the 'Other Malays', Kahn excavates the intertwining histories of various ethnic communities in various parts of Malaya and Singapore of the 1920s till the 1950s, particularly at the kampongs (villages).
The focus here is on the urban kampongs of post-war Singapore but they are examined against an evolving continuum of state-society contestations spanning the pre-war, post-war and independence eras.
Life in the kampongs was originally an academic exercise undertaken by two undergraduate geography students in 1953 at the University of Malaya, then located in Singapore, under the direction of Professor E.
Tenders are invited for Exploratory Drilling At Five Locations In Kong Pisei And Basedth Districts Of Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia