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also car·a·cul  (kăr′ə-kəl)
1. Any of a breed of Central Asian sheep having a wide tail and wool that is curled, glossy, and usually black in the young but brownish or grayish in adults.
2. The pelt of a newborn or sometimes fetal karakul lamb, used for clothing.
3. Wool from a karakul sheep, used for carpet yarn and felting. In all senses also called astrakhan.

[After Karakul, a lake of eastern Tajikistan.]


(ˈkærəkəl) or


1. (Breeds) a breed of sheep of central Asia having coarse black, grey, or brown hair: the lambs have soft curled usually black hair
2. (Textiles) the fur prepared from these lambs
[C19: from Russian, from the name of a region in Bukhara where the sheep originated]


or car•a•cul

(ˈkær ə kəl)

any of an Asian breed of sheep having curly fleece that is black in the young and brown or gray in the adult: raised esp. for lambskins used in the fur industry. Compare broadtail, Persian lamb.
[1850–55; after Kara Kul lake on the Pamir plateau, Tajikistan, near where the sheep were bred]
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Noun1.Karakul - hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asiakarakul - hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia; lambs are valued for their soft curly black fur
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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The epicentre of the quake was 111 km (65 miles) southwest of Karakul, the USGS said, a sparsely populated mountainous area.
Open Competition: Development of the project documentation for reconstruction of the road Ulenkul - Karakul station 1 km + 500 km 4 + 500 Bolsherechye municipal area of Omsk Region
Sporting his trademark green-and-purple striped chapan, a hand-woven coat, and a karakul hat, Karzai recently rubbed shoulders with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, with whom he discussed the emerging threat of the Daesh group in Afghanistan.
The firm opened the field in the Karakul block in 2011.
Minister of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan Osmonbek Artykbayev visited Karakul town, Jalal-Abad region, on September 22 as part of inspection visits to social facilities, combined heat and power plants of the country to check their preparedness for upcoming heating season, reports Turmush.
Attending on behalf of Agra were, Ryno van der Merwe, Chairperson of the Board; Peter Kazmaier, CEO; and Raimar von Hase, Chairperson of the Karakul Board.
With their Karakul caps, long hair and cavemen beards - they gave the charismatic Che Guevara look.
SHIBERGHAN (PAN): Officials in northern Jawzjan province said on Saturday the number of Karakul sheep had increased with change in weather conditions.
Agriculture (estimated 31% of GDP): Products--wheat, opium, sheepskins, lambskins, corn, barley, rice, cotton, fruit, nuts, karakul pelts, wool, and mutton.
Known as karakul hats, they're made from lamb pelts and are traditionally worn in northern Afghanistan.
0% obtained with Romney Marsh ewes (Gatica and Correa, 1993), and lower than the 100% reported in Karakul ewes (Hashemi et al.
Vice- president Hamid Ansari was seen in a karakul hat or the Jinnah cap named after the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.