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also car·a·cul  (kăr′ə-kəl)
1. Any of a breed of Central Asian sheep having a wide tail and wool that is curled, glossy, and usually black in the young but brownish or grayish in adults.
2. The pelt of a newborn or sometimes fetal karakul lamb, used for clothing.
3. Wool from a karakul sheep, used for carpet yarn and felting. In all senses also called astrakhan.

[After Karakul, a lake of eastern Tajikistan.]


(ˈkærəkəl) or


1. (Breeds) a breed of sheep of central Asia having coarse black, grey, or brown hair: the lambs have soft curled usually black hair
2. (Textiles) the fur prepared from these lambs
[C19: from Russian, from the name of a region in Bukhara where the sheep originated]


or car•a•cul

(ˈkær ə kəl)

any of an Asian breed of sheep having curly fleece that is black in the young and brown or gray in the adult: raised esp. for lambskins used in the fur industry. Compare broadtail, Persian lamb.
[1850–55; after Kara Kul lake on the Pamir plateau, Tajikistan, near where the sheep were bred]
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Noun1.Karakul - hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asiakarakul - hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia; lambs are valued for their soft curly black fur
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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In an interview at his Kabul home, where he wore his signature ankle-length green striped coat and karakul cap, Karzai echoed complaints from Afghanistan's current government that accused neighbouring Pakistan of harbouring Taliban militants and urged the US to impose sanctions on Pakistani military and intelligence officials.
Everything depends on their strength and their resilience,' says Salahi, wearing a tawny karakul hat, as he rubs a ruby-ringed hand on the neck of an enormous chestnut measuring more than 18 hands (1.
Effects of nutritional level during late pregnancy on colostral production and blood immunoglobulin levels of Karakul ewes and their lambs.
Karakul Hydroelectric Power Plant OJSC announces an open investment tender for the implementation of the project for the construction and operation of the Karakul hydropower plant on the near-shore section of the Karasuu River by establishing a joint venture, the press service of the State Property Management Fund said.
Effect of genetic and environment factors on performance traits of Karakul sheep.
The firm opened the field in the Karakul block in 2011.
Tenlibaeva (1991) fed Karakul rams with a basal diet and vitamin A and E supplemented diets and found that sperm volume per ejaculation or sperm production and percentage fertility of ewes were positively affected by vitamins A and E (Yoshizawa et al.
Some 8,500 big and small farms are exclusively rearing Karakul sheep, valued as much for its meat as for velvety pelts which are sold in the West, mainly in Finland, according to media reports quoting official statistics.
Project details : The development objective of the Alat and Karakul Water Supply Project for Uzbekistan is to improve the coverage, quality and efficiency of public water supply service in the districts of Alat and Karakul in the Bukhara region.
The epicenter of the quake was 65 miles southwest of Karakul, a mountainous area with low population in eastern Tajikistan, according to the USGS.
The epicentre of the quake was 111 km (65 miles) southwest of Karakul, the USGS said, a sparsely populated mountainous area.