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 (kăz′bä′, käz′-)
Variant of Casbah.


(ˈkæzbɑː) or


n (sometimes capital)
1. (Architecture) the citadel of any of various North African cities
2. the quarter in which a kasbah is located. Compare medina
[from Arabic qaṣba citadel]


or Cas•bah

(ˈkæz bɑ, ˈkɑz-)

the older, native Arab quarter of a North African city, esp. Algiers.
[< Arabic qaṣabah citadel]
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Noun1.kasbah - an older or native quarter of many cities in northern Africa; the quarter in which the citadel is located
quarter - a district of a city having some distinguishing character; "the Latin Quarter"


[ˈkæzbɑː] Ncasba(h) f


[ˈkæzbɑː] ncasba
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Le ministre de l'Habitat et de la politique de la ville, Mohamed Nabil Benabdellah, a preside, mercredi a Rabat en presence de Bruno Pouezat, Representant resident du Programme des Nations Unies pour le developpement (PNUD) et d'autres invites, un atelier de lancement du programme d'accompagnement pour la valorisation durable des ksour et kasbah du Maroc.
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ALGIERS: With its rich history, winding white-washed alleyways and enviable Mediterranean setting, the Kasbah of Algiers has been a world heritage site for 20 years but is now threatened by neglect and decay.
S'inscrivant dans le cadre des efforts visant la preservation du patrimoine, cet accord, signe lors d'une ceremonie presidee par le ministre du Tourisme Lahcen Haddad, concerne les Kasbah d'Ait Abbou a Skoura, Dar Al Hiba a Zagoura et Ouled Abdelhalim a Errachidia.
FEW trainers are as proud of their returning heroes as Francois Doumen, and his feelings about victory for Kasbah Bliss at the fourth attempt in the Qatar Prix du Cadran were written across his face.
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