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also kash·ruth  (käsh′rəth, -rəs, käsh-ro͞ot′)
1. The state of being kosher.
2. The body of Jewish dietary law.

[Mishnaic Hebrew kašrût, from kāšēr, fitting; see kosher.]
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They keep kashrut restrictions in mind, and grazing is presumed.
Cheong Wa Dae said it prepared the meal conforming to the regulations of kashrut (Jewish religious dietary law) for Ivanka, who converted from her Christian faith to Judaism after getting together with her husband Jared Kushner.
This makes it very difficult to perform kosher slaughter due to some kashrut laws that forbid to apply any pressure on the knife to protect the animal from unnecessary pain," EJA Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Sunday.
In Israel, and the Israeli capital in particular, restaurant kashrut is a dividing topic under the umbrella of governmental supervision; restaurants which operate with a certified kashrut stamp receive it from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate through a lengthy process.
For decades regulators in 20 states have inspected businesses selling ostensibly kosher food to make sure they follow the laws of kashrut.
Drob inspected the kosher camps and made recommendations, but was not on site for the summer and kashrut concerns continued.
The school is under the auspices of the London Beth Din and is an Orthodox Jewish School that places special emphasis on Kashrut (dietary laws).
But on the other hand, many Jewish Israelis who observe kashrut won't eat many of the Palestinian foods.
Synopsis: "A Practical Guide to the Laws of Kashrut" is a concise and useful work on hilkhot kashrut that is specially crafted for the modern Jewish home.
But keeping kosher was difficult on the road, though many strove to maintain a degree of kashrut observance by not eating meat at their hosts' tables.
in marital law, the Shabbat, the Kashrut laws, the orthodox educational
Kashrut, the complete set of dietary regulations established in the Jewish scriptures, creates a systematic framework for affirming the sanctity of all facets of life.