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An SI unit of catalytic activity, measured in moles per second. One katal is the catalytic activity that raises the rate of a chemical reaction by one mole per second.

[Greek katal(usis), dissolution; see catalysis.]


the derived SI unit of catalytic activity equal to one mole per second
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Two top Nepali TV comedian actors Arjun Ghimire (Panda) and Kumar Katal (Jigri) are coming to Qatar for the programme.
The incident took place in Katal village, Mehtarlam City capital of Eastern Laghman province, AVA press reported.
So like Kapoor family, Dilip's family,Shahrukh's family was also one of the renowned families of Peshawar, who lived in a narrow lane known as Shah Wali Katal.
L'interprete du stairai, un melange de staifi et de rai, a chante son repertoire dont ses derniers succes : [beaucoup moins que] Game over [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Achkak enti katal larwah [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Nagtaa jbal ou labhour [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] J'espere [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Entiya materialiste [beaucoup plus grand que] et des reprises dont [beaucoup moins que] C'est la vie [beaucoup plus grand que] de Cheb Khaled.
An adequate level of vocabulary and language (Mehrpour and Rahimi 2010), due to reading (Bilican, Kutlu and Yildirim 2012; Kutlu and Aslanoglu 2009), along with effective (Rahimi and Katal 2012) and metacognitive strategies (Goh and Yusnita 2006; Selamat and Sidhu 2013; Nosratinia et al.
One katal (1 kat) of CAT equals the enzyme activity that recognized 1 mol of hydrogen peroxide in a second at 37C.
3 D23 kahw dyspepsia D24 karak hole, fissure D25 kata young locust D26 katal (1) a wild grass D27 katal (2) ears of com with retained grain after threshing D28 kaj (1) a wild fodder grass D29 kajjeng- to waste away; get sick D30 kalaaseat with difficulty; scarcely, hardly, just D31 kaluf ashes D32 kandar a wild bush D33 karaz rafter D34 karral early spring D35 kasar way, path, road; [section] PEI course, resource 9.
Se ha propuesto la unidad katal, abreviado como kat y que corresponde a mol/s, como un nombre especial para designar la actividad catalitica.
One katal is the amount of enzyme that converts 1 mol of substrate (in this case ABTS) per second under standard conditions.