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A very light, slender, usually covered boat that has pointed ends and is propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Traditional Yupik and Inuit kayaks are made of skins stretched over a frame of wood or whalebone.
v. kay·aked, kay·ak·ing, kay·aks
To go, travel, or race in a kayak.
To go or travel on (a body of water) by kayak: kayaked rapids of the Colorado River.

[Inuit and Yupik qajaq.]

kay′ak′er n.


a person who uses a kayak
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A 65-year-old female kayaker suffered a broken shoulder and possible spinal damage at around 12.
A KAYAKER has been rescued after capsizing on Loch Ness at the weekend.
A KAYAKER was airlifted to hospital suffering from "severe hypothermia" after falling out of his boat in difficult conditions.
A YOUNG Teesside kayaker celebrated her birthday by becoming the youngest person in the country to gain promotion to the top level of her sport.
205 seconds) that allowed the kayaker to take the 6th position.
The team, with the final kayaker, will then board the Clyde Clipper and sail up the Clyde to Glasgow as part of the Commonwealth Flotilla on Saturday 26th July.
The 34-year-old, who grew up in the Cotswolds but has lived in Warwick for the past six years, was described as an experienced kayaker.
The family of the missing kayaker has been informed of the discovery and efforts will now get under way to formally identify the deceased.
The other videos featured in the Zero to 60 series are snowboarder Ryan Hudson on drums and kayaker Ben Marr on a river in Quebec, Chris Peterson riding the Lochsa River in central Idaho and Kayaker Tyler Bradt on the Alseseca River in Mexico.
Sea kayaker's more deep trouble; more true stories and their lessons from Sea Kayaker magazine.
The dad-of-two, said to be an accomplished kayaker, had gone to the river when tragedy struck.
The two boaters both initially were pulled from the water by the kayaker at about 7:28 p.