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n. Informal
An indefinitely large number.

[On the model of million, billion, etc.]
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I done lost a million kazillion dollars gambling," he says, spacing out for a moment before adding, "My dad is a gambler.
Transparently attempting to position Rucker as a "real" Black artist, the texture of the album Back To Then suggested the Black musician somehow felt he needed to apologize for selling a kazillion records to white baby boomers during the late 1990s.
As I reflect on my experiences with the medical home, a kazillion experiences come to mind that I would like to share.
Nonetheless, there are some sizable laughs along the way, and there are a kazillion book clubs out there, so the market could prove ripe.
For those just re-entering the Earth's orbit, "American Idol" is a televised talent competition that chronicles a process that begins at open auditions staged across the country and ends with something like a kazillion people telephoning in votes for the singer to be declared the American idol.
There must be a kazillion ways to combat algae, but not everything works in every pond," Zeigler says.
One department chair said, "We are an immensely productive faculty, there wasn't anything anybody would say that wasn't sterling," a second said, "We four faculty have a kazillion grants and publications," and a third department chair explained, "We showed through the report that we don't let grass grow under our feet.
com brat who once was worth 60 kazillion bucks and is now living on Avenue C, using his hard drive for a coffee table.
And, the sender should keep tabs on whether or not the writer or writers have written about the winery's wines over the past kazillion years.
With a kazillion guns already in circulation, Brady Bill or no Brady Bill, I'm afraid we'll never see the day that criminals have to make do with rocks and sharp sticks.