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 (kĕn′pō′) or kem·po (kĕm′-)
Any of numerous forms of karate characterized by very sharp blows and kicks.

[Japanese kempō, translation (using the Japanese pronunciations of the two Chinese characters with which the word is written) of Mandarin quánfǎ (and equivalent terms in other Chinese varieties ) : quán, fist + , law, method.]
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Islamabad -- Ten students of ages 4-6 in the tiny tigers programme of Kenpo Karate, a comprehensive self defense system, have been promoted to yellow belt and 5 students ages 8-13 in the junior tigers programme were promoted to orange, purple and blue belts.
Michael is a runner who has completed 18 marathons, a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo, and mountain climber.
According to them, it's because of the inclusion of the host country of indigenous martial arts sports such as vovinam and kenpo.
Students receive classes in American Kenpo, Kickboxing, Self Defense, Personal Safety Seminars.
13) Nihonkoku kenpo [Constitution], Nov 3, 1946, art 14(1) [Kenpo] ("All of the people are equal under the law and there shall be no discrimination in political, economic or social relations because of race, creed, sex, social status or family origin").
However, the term would not find popular usage until the 1920s and what now takes the name went by such names as gekito, gekiken, tachi-uchi, kenpo and kenjutsu.
PSTC also offers martial arts for the whole family, with kid's karate classes, martial arts like JKDU/MMA for the Street, Kenpo, and Muay Thai conditioning.
Freedom of expression was prescribed in Meiji Kenpo [constitution].
Gymnastics Academy; Miss Eugene Pro Rodeo atop a stunning horse decked out in red, white and blue; boys doing karate demonstrations from Eastgate Kenpo Karate; and the Springfield High School marching band in a sea of blue and white.
Students came from Newcastle's East West Kenpo Karate Club and the Cumbria-based East West Wadoi Kai Dragon Martial Arts Club as well as from Carlisle and Dublij.
Jennifer is an advocate for self-defense and has invested over five years of private training in the Women's Self Defense class offered by Chad Gregoire, of Kensho-Ryu Kenpo Karate in Spencer.
Otras informaciones relevantes para una familia y una comunidad son relatadas e interpretadas: por ejemplo, la costumbre de vendar los pies de las ninas para que se deformen y se queden pequenos (que Celia Wu observo en su abuela Won); (20) el consumo de opio entre los chinos (propiciado por algunos patrones de haciendas y proveido por ciertas firmas inglesas y chinas); (21) la importancia de la comida (<<mucho del acontecer de la vida cotidiana ocurrio en la cocina>>) (22) y de los juegos (el jan kenpo, por ejemplo); la relevancia que los Wu otorgaron a la educacion; y el aporte a la salud de la medicina china y los herbolarios.