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Eye surgery in which refractive disorders are corrected by reshaping an inner layer of the cornea, formerly performed by freezing corneal layers and forming them to a new curvature, but now usually performed using a laser.

[Probably kerato- + Greek smīleusis, carving (from smīlē, knife), the irregular omission of the initial s- of smīleusis in the compound being unexplained.]


n queratomileusis f; laser-assisted in situ — (LASIK) queratomileusis in situ asistida por láser
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The measurement of central corneal thickness (CCT) has become a crucial step in the ophthalmic evaluation preceding keratorefractive surgery.
Damian Lake, anterior segment and keratorefractive surgery specialist, covered a useful Q&A session on white corneas asking, "What is it?
Dr Maria's research, titled 'Cyclotorsion registration before flap cut and after flap lift,' received a honourable mention by the ASCRS organisation among 358 scientific posters, 60 of them in the categA[degrees] ory of Keratorefractive surgery.