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Noun1.ketchup bottle - a bottle that holds catsupketchup bottle - a bottle that holds catsup    
bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
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and a punter squeezes cream on to a bowl of strawberries - from a ketchup bottle.
An Inverted squeeze ketchup bottle is designed to extract ketchup from the bottom with the purpose of providing convenience to the customers.
Next thing they know, there's a ketchup bottle being launched at them, and when you see that coming, it isn't the nicest thing.
I, 314G Pc; Tomato Concentrate Ie 24%, 720G Pc; Gogo Ari in A Vinegar Jars at 4250G Pc; Cucumbers and in A Vinegar 4250G Pc; Peppers Space and in A Vinegar (370G Pcs); Mu Tar Sweet (370G Pcs); Sweet Ketchup Bottle 1Kg; Spicy Ketchup Bottle 1Kg; A Vinegar Food; Boron; Ro Ii Broth 720G Pcs Black Olives Whole 1000G Pc; Ro Juice Ii (Glass 1L); Borc Outlaw Type Sauce 280G; Vegetable Soup 700G.
Heinz v Tesco tomato ketchup While there is a similar splayed label with banding on the Tesco product, it is not particularly distinctive to use pictures of tomatoes on a ketchup bottle.
Hell, I don't even know why the ketchup bottle takes so long to come out.
And put a ketchup bottle on the table, especially the low-sugar ones.
uk BEATING the base of a ketchup bottle often ends in more than you bargained for and those squeezy sauce bottles look rather unsightly after just a few uses.
23 ( ANI ): Two high school students in the United States have build a ketchup bottle cap that ensures people do not have to deal with the messy separated liquid that comes out before the actual ketchup does
The event occurred when a renowned doctor ordered sandwiches accompanied by a ketchup bottle of Maroof company, out of which a dead cockroach was discovered, which the disgusted parliamentarians promptly brought to the notice of opposition leader Khurshid Shah, who asked selective parliamentarians to investigate the issue from cafeteria management.
Michael McCarthy's 2011 production for Music Theatre Wales gave us all that, and more: an economically-sketched east end setting (plastic chairs, and a squeezy ketchup bottle that takes on an increasingly gruesome significance), and a multi-tasking cast that jumped bovver boots-first into Turnage's urban hell.
3D Printed Exoskeleton 'Magic Arms', a device that helps children with muscloskeletal disabilities and a non-stick ketchup bottle came in second and third respectively in the vote.