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A sturdy cleat for securing a line, as in mooring a ship.

[Middle English kevil, from Old French keville, wooden peg, from Latin clāvicula, diminutive of clāvis, key.]


1. (Nautical Terms) nautical a strong bitt or bollard for securing heavy hawsers
2. (Building) building trades a hammer having an edged end and a pointed end, used for breaking and rough-shaping stone
[C14: from Old Northern French keville, from Latin clāvicula a little key, from clāvis key]
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KARACHI -- Steady conditions prevailed on the cotton market on Thursday, with lint prices remaining pegged at the overnight kevel despite slow activity.
We also acknowledge the assistance of the following persons with identification of obscure localities on a number of islands:Andre Samuel (Anguilla), Kevel Lindsay (Antigua), Lennox Honeychurch (Dominica), Rita Branch (Grenada), Jacques Fournet & Philippe Feldman (Guadeloupe), Elizabeth Chalano (Martinique), Neil How (Montserrat), Daphne Hobson (Nevis).
Iterative using of constant comparison leads to emerging categories, higher abstraction kevel, each encompasses several related concepts [19].