keyhole saw

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Noun1.keyhole saw - a handsaw with a long narrow blade for cutting short radius curves; similar to a compass saw
carpenter's saw, hand saw, handsaw - a saw used with one hand for cutting wood
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Tender are invited for supply of Search & Rescue equipment/Uniform Items for SDRF : i NBC Suit :Water Poison Detection Kit, Portable Decontamination Apparatus, Life Detector Type-1, Circular Saw Electric (16") with blades, Air Lifting Bag Set with Air Cylinder and accessories, Combination Cutter and Spreader with accessories, Diamond Chain Saw (concrete), Regulator for Gas Cutter (heavy) Rubber Pipe duplon type Roll 100 M Portable-Shelter ( size-10ftx23ft x 7 ft), Thermal Imaging Camera, Live Wire cutter with safety gloves Keyhole Saw with Complete Set of four saw, Cordless Hammer Drill with drill bit set and 2 nos spare batteries.
Draw level lines between the studs and use a drywall keyhole saw to cut to the edges of the studs.
Foam core is easier to saw through than wood, and a keyhole saw is perfect for small hands.
Best buy JAB SAW OR KEYHOLE SAW THESE only cost a couple of pounds and are great for cutting small, awkward holes in plasterboard, for example to fit a new power point by your television.
Cut the edges of the drywall around the hole neatly to match the pattern lines, using a sharp utility knife or a fine-toothed keyhole saw.
The tools for this project are screwdrivers, wrenches and adjustable pliers, a hacksaw and a keyhole saw with 18-TPI blades, electric drill with bits through one-half inch, a tape measure or metal rule, hammer and metal punch, cutting oil, rags, files and/or electric grinder, and a workbench with a large vise.
Some handy tools include a melon baller, keyhole saw, linoleum cutter and medium wood gouge.
They will cut plasterboard in the same fashion as a keyhole saw and are used for sawing holes for electric outlets and switchplates.
And that's a good thing, when you consider the $75 price tag for Martha Stewart's pumpkin-carving kit that includes a drill, keyhole saw, plaster scraper, wood gouges, linoleum cutter and professional hole cutters.
Handsaw such as an X-Acto saw, keyhole saw, hacksaw (with holder that mounts a blade at one end), or Japanese-style saw