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One who gives a keynote address.
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Opening keynoter Scott McGregor, president and CEO of Broadcom, traced the history of the industry's more than 50 years of exponential improvements in silicon speed, power, and design since Moore's Law in 1965.
Locally sourced, organic dinner with keynoter Mark Shepard, 6 p.
Registration is open for the 2014 Annual Meeting, which will feature keynoter Eugene A.
From Left to Right, here are some of the 27 speakers and facilitators: Maria Rivera, associate director, Real Estate Education Programs, NREI; Scott Frank, partner, Jaros Baum & Bolles; Michael Bobker, director, CUNY Building Performance Lab; Christopher Diamond, director, Engineering & Technical Analysis, New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation [NYCEEC]; Keynoter Thomas W.
It will be Mulally's third appearance as a keynoter at the trade show.
Kim also was a recent keynoter on Primary Healthcare and Parish Nursing at the Biannual Conference of the Korean-American Missions Health Council held March 26-27 at Bethel Korean Church in Orange County, California, with more than 800 in attendance.
Dozens of attendees lined up to get their book signed by Keynoter and best-selling author Scott McKain.
NACLNC[R] Conference keynoter Suze Orman (center) with Vickie and Institute staff members.
On Friday, keynoter Marilyn Tavenner, Virginia's secretary of health and human resources, discussed her department and the current administration's efforts to increase the benefits available to people with disabilities.
Brad McRae, CSP, keynoter and author from Halifax, was in the audience at a Toronto event.
Raises $20,000 for dissident as newsletter conference keynoter
The featured keynoter is author and feminist Erica Jong.