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(Electronics) a person with whom one regularly exchanges E-mails for fun
[C20: from keyboard + penpal]



a person with whom one corresponds regularly by e-mail.
[1995–2000;patterned after pen pal]
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I was glad to see that even though it was on a purely voluntary basis, there were more kids who showed interest than there were keypals to give out.
Students can also create their own podcasts or connect with keypals through any VoIP application with the input functionality.
Robert O'Dowd also examines the development of intercultural competence (Byram, 1997) in his contribution to the special issue, "Understanding the Other Side: Intercultural Learning in a Spanish-English E-Mail Exchange;" however, he explores the degree of intercultural learning in a range of intercultural dyads, rather than focusing on one relatively unsuccessful set of keypals.
People you contact online aren't always who they seem, even people who become penfriends or keypals.
As our teacher community continues to grow, we're receiving an increasing number of requests from classroom teachers seeking keypals, or online penpals, for their students.
This includes directories of classrooms looking for keypals (pen pals), ideas for e-mail class projects, and e-mail addresses of experts from different careers and industries that are excited about sharing their knowledge with students across the country.
Undergraduate students, many of whom had their belief systems challenged by a confrontation with otherness for the first time in the telecollaborative partnership under study, may be less equipped to negotiate heteroglossic diversity in their emails with keypals than professional journalists in hard news stories.
Every morning, the class collects weather information online and e-mails it to keypals in other states.
Keypals exchange first "hello" letter (informal e-mail on general themes like personal characteristics, family, hobbies, or school life).
Although the vast majority of activities described focus on the exchange of personal messages by keypals, the personal need not inevitably become the task.
31 /PRNewswire/ -- Three keypals are talking online in their rooms.
Institutional differences in computer access, academic calendars, and accreditation systems may have meaning for perceived participation levels and the establishment and facilitation of personal interaction and thus personal rapport between keypals.