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A keyboard machine used to punch holes in cards or tapes for data-processing systems.
intr. & tr.v. key·punched, key·punch·ing, key·punch·es
To process on or use such a keyboard machine.

key′punch′er n.


1. a machine, operated by a keyboard, for coding information by punching holes in cards or paper tape in specified patterns.
2. to punch holes in (a punch card or paper tape) using a keypunch.
3. to insert (data) into a computer by means of a keypunch.
key′punch`er, n.
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Equipment includes a tabulator, calculator, sorter, collator, reproducer, three keypunches, two verifiers and a card interpretator.
On putaway, the operator keypunches into the RFDC terminal both the item number and actual storage location before relaying that data to the host computer.
Not so long ago, students had to queue up at keypunches to prepare their programs.