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A keyboard machine used to punch holes in cards or tapes for data-processing systems.
intr. & tr.v. key·punched, key·punch·ing, key·punch·es
To process on or use such a keyboard machine.

key′punch′er n.


1. a machine, operated by a keyboard, for coding information by punching holes in cards or paper tape in specified patterns.
2. to punch holes in (a punch card or paper tape) using a keypunch.
3. to insert (data) into a computer by means of a keypunch.
key′punch`er, n.
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Similarly, the choice of vocations that women can train for is extremely limited: compared to the 50-odd programs for men, women get cosmetology, food service, clerical skills, keypunching, and nurse's aide training (ibid.
Typing a lengthy credit card statement into your accounting system is time-consuming and difficult to accomplish without making transposition or keypunching errors.
They had to have an experimental office, to prepare all the documents for IBM keypunching.
From the keypunching room at the local electric company, she moved up to a position as an executive assistant to one Joe Harrington, a man of some importance, and when she took us to work to show us her new office--she had an office
There was a historic backlog of cases, which had to be entered by keypunching.
When companies decide to work with digital prints, the next logical step is to be able to price quantities automatically without keypunching.
A number of metrics, such as data keypunching time, errors in transcribing data from paper to electronic forms, and the timeliness of data availability, were included in the analysis.
Also, such organizations as GuideStar, state charity offices, NCCS, and the IRS will be able to stop keypunching information and focus their resources on using the data, especially the improved organizational finance and performance information.
With this in mind, think of all the time logisticians have spent over the years looking up codes, determining addresses, handwriting or keypunching data, or supervising those who perform these tasks.
maps or keypunching of data collected in the field.