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Tro·jan 1

1. A native or inhabitant of ancient Troy.
2. A person of courageous determination or energy.

[Middle English, from Latin Trōiānus, from Trōia, Troy, from Greek Troiā, Trōiā, from Trōs, the mythical founder of Troy.]

Tro′jan adj.

Tro·jan 2

A celestial body that is in one of the two stable Lagrangian points of a two-body system, especially an asteroid with solar orbits at Jupiter's distance from the sun, but traveling 60° ahead of or behind the planet.

[From the official convention of naming such objects after the heroes of the Trojan War, a practice derived from the fact that the first such object to be observed was named after Achilles and the second after Patroclus.]


1. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of ancient Troy
2. a person who is hard-working and determined
(Historical Terms) of or relating to ancient Troy or its inhabitants


(ˈtroʊ dʒən)
1. of or pertaining to ancient Troy or its inhabitants.
2. a native or inhabitant of Troy.
3. a person who shows determination or energy.
[before 900; Old English Trōiān < Latin Trōjānus]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.Trojan - a native of ancient TroyTrojan - a native of ancient Troy    
Ilion, Ilium, Troy - an ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War
Asian, Asiatic - a native or inhabitant of Asia
2.Trojan - a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmfultrojan - a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful; "the contents of a trojan can be a virus or a worm"; "when he downloaded the free game it turned out to be a trojan horse"
malevolent program - a computer program designed to have undesirable or harmful effects
Adj.1.Trojan - of or relating to the ancient city of Troy or its inhabitantsTrojan - of or relating to the ancient city of Troy or its inhabitants; "Trojan cities"


A. ADJtroyano
B. Ntroyano/a m/f
to work like a Trojantrabajar como un mulo/una mula
C. CPD Trojan horse N (lit) → caballo m de Troya (fig) (concealing devious purposes) → tapadera f (Comput) → troyano m
Trojan War NGuerra f de Troya


(Hist) → Trojaner(in) m(f), → Troer(in) m(f); to work like a Trojan (fig)wie ein Pferd arbeiten; he’s a real Trojan (fig)er ist wirklich eine treue Seele
(Comput, Internet) → Trojaner m (inf)
adjtrojanisch; (fig)übermenschlich


[ˈtrəʊdʒən] adj & ntroiano/a
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Based upon this review, the hospital confirmed that a limited number of computers were infected with a keystroke logger designed to capture and transmit data as it was entered onto the affected computers.
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a keystroke logger, and appears to be sending data via
Wouldn't it be embarrassing if one of the franchisees' computers e-mailed the entire franchisee list a keystroke logger as an attachment?
degrees] Keystroke logger - An application that, on entering a host, unobtrusively logs all the user's keyboard presses.
The virus then places keystroke logger software on the PC and captures any personal and financial data that is entered by the user.
With the virus writer including a keystroke logger, together with clues in his code that he's targeting many financial institutions, Bugbear-B could have serious security implications for anyone who banks online without up-todate virus protection,' he warned.
The worm contains a keystroke logger which can be used to record what people type to obtain passwords and credit card numbers, they added.
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The KEYkatcher keystroke logger is 4 centimeters long, costs $69, and can store 32,000 keystrokes when it is connected to the cable that runs between a keyboard and a computer.