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The agricultural season in South Asia in which monsoon rains are prevalent, with crops sown in June and July and harvested in September and October.

[Hindi kharīf and Urdu ḥarīf, from Arabic ḥarīf, autumn; see ḫrp in Semitic roots.]


(Agriculture) (in Pakistan, India, etc) a crop that is harvested at the beginning of winter. Compare rabi
[Urdu, ultimately from Arabic kharafa to gather]
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SARGODHA -- The provincial government is providing Rs 25,000 interest-free loans to farmers for Rabi and Rs 40,000 for Kharif crop besides introducing modern techniques to increase per acre production.
The Chief Minister, who met the Finance Minister earlier today in Delhi, hailed the Union Budget announcement to keep the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for all unannounced Kharif crops at least at one and a half times of the production cost.
The Committee looked into all aspects including effect of dilution of sea water with fresh water, sea water intrusion into the groundwater, riverine irrigation and forests fisheries (Pala fish, shrimp, Kharif and Rabi cultivation), besides growth of Mangrove forests.
About 40 percent of the country's total onion crop is produced in the kharif season, and the rest during the rabi season.
The committee looked into a range of matters, including riverine irrigation and fisheries (Pala fish, shrimp, Kharif and Rabi cultivation), besides growth of mangroves.
Output of kharif, or summer-sown crops, is expected to fall to 134.
40,000 per acre for Rabi and Kharif crops respectively were being given to every farmer under the supervision of deputy director and assistant director agriculture.
Government plans to supply 100% certified cotton seeds to farmers during the current Kharif season in order to get maximum output.
Among steps required to be taken immediately, he said the procurement of kharif pulses should be geared up in a war footing mode to support farmers as prices of moong have dropped below the minimum support price ( MSP) and even tur prices are heading lower.
Wheat is the main crop of Rabiseason while in Kharif season the orchards are followed by vegetables and maize.
A chart of Rabi, Kharif and other crops is given below for reference.
He added that due to recent rains spell there is enough water for the Kharif season.