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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Interlocking In Village Khesari Gedaha
Shinomol and Muralidhara, "Differential induction of oxidative impairments in brain regions of male mice following subchronic consumption of Khesari dhal (Lathyrus sativus) and detoxified Khesari dhal," NeuroToxicology, vol.
GURGAON'S health department is still awaiting the test report on the banned Khesari dal and adulterated Arhar dal following a raid on November 26 at the Khandsa Anaj Mandi after a rise in complaints from various parts of the city.
INTRODUCTION: Pulses are adulterated with Sand, marble chips, stones, filth, khesari dal or other pulses, Metanil yellow, Soluble coal tar dye.
4 kg of concentrate mixture (wheat bran: khesari bran: wheat crust: oilcake: fishmeal: salt: premix = 3: 0.