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kib·ble 1

An iron bucket used in wells or mines for hoisting water, ore, or refuse to the surface.

[Perhaps from German Kübel, pail, from Middle High German kübel, from Old High German kubilo, probably of Romance origin and akin to regional Provençal (Hautes-Alpes) cubel, diminutive of Provençal cub, vat, from Latin cūpa; see cupola.]

kib·ble 2

tr.v. kib·bled, kib·bling, kib·bles
To crush or grind (grain, for example) coarsely.
Pellets made of ground meal, meat, or other ingredients, used especially for pet food.

[Origin unknown.]


(Mining & Quarrying) Brit a bucket used in wells or in mining for hoisting
[C17: from German Kübel; related to Old English cyfel, ultimately from Medieval Latin cuppa cup]


(tr) to grind into small pieces
US and Canadian ground meal formed into pellets and used as pet food
[C18: of unknown origin]


(ˈkɪb əl)

v. -bled, -bling,
n. v.t.
1. to grind or divide into particles or pellets, as coarse-ground meal or prepared dry dog food.
2. the grains or pellets resulting from this.


Past participle: kibbled
Gerund: kibbling

I kibble
you kibble
he/she/it kibbles
we kibble
you kibble
they kibble
I kibbled
you kibbled
he/she/it kibbled
we kibbled
you kibbled
they kibbled
Present Continuous
I am kibbling
you are kibbling
he/she/it is kibbling
we are kibbling
you are kibbling
they are kibbling
Present Perfect
I have kibbled
you have kibbled
he/she/it has kibbled
we have kibbled
you have kibbled
they have kibbled
Past Continuous
I was kibbling
you were kibbling
he/she/it was kibbling
we were kibbling
you were kibbling
they were kibbling
Past Perfect
I had kibbled
you had kibbled
he/she/it had kibbled
we had kibbled
you had kibbled
they had kibbled
I will kibble
you will kibble
he/she/it will kibble
we will kibble
you will kibble
they will kibble
Future Perfect
I will have kibbled
you will have kibbled
he/she/it will have kibbled
we will have kibbled
you will have kibbled
they will have kibbled
Future Continuous
I will be kibbling
you will be kibbling
he/she/it will be kibbling
we will be kibbling
you will be kibbling
they will be kibbling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been kibbling
you have been kibbling
he/she/it has been kibbling
we have been kibbling
you have been kibbling
they have been kibbling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been kibbling
you will have been kibbling
he/she/it will have been kibbling
we will have been kibbling
you will have been kibbling
they will have been kibbling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been kibbling
you had been kibbling
he/she/it had been kibbling
we had been kibbling
you had been kibbling
they had been kibbling
I would kibble
you would kibble
he/she/it would kibble
we would kibble
you would kibble
they would kibble
Past Conditional
I would have kibbled
you would have kibbled
he/she/it would have kibbled
we would have kibbled
you would have kibbled
they would have kibbled
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Noun1.kibble - coarsely ground grain in the form of pellets (as for pet food)
meal - coarsely ground foodstuff; especially seeds of various cereal grasses or pulse
2.kibble - an iron bucket used for hoisting in wells or mining
bucket, pail - a roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top
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It was also made interesting by the testimony of Job Potterson, the ship's steward, and one Mr Jacob Kibble, a fellow-passenger, that the deceased Mr John Harmon did bring over, in a hand-valise with which he did disembark, the sum realized by the forced sale of his little landed property, and that the sum exceeded, in ready money, seven hundred pounds.
A ground-breaking documentary that explores the link between childhood stress and lifelong ill- health has been screened at Paisley charity Kibble.
Crawling under a chair to retrieve my ball, I see 20 pieces of dog kibble neatly lined up against the wall.
The 54-year-old, from Renfrewshire, has been fostering with Kibble for six years.
12 May 2015 - US-based investment advisor Columbia Pacific Wealth Management has acquired Kibble and Prentice Private Investment Advisory Group, the company said.
We were somewhat disappointed, however, by the number of people who took the opportunity to criticize dry dog food of any quality--the whole concept of kibble.
Gavin Kibble has been presented with a Good Citizen Award by Coventry City Council for running Coventry food bank since it first opened in 2011.
Arthur Kibble spoke out after he was rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority over new health claims made on behalf of Alcopal tablets.
In the first experiment, the cats were divided among four rooms and were given dry kibble meals four times per day, two times per day, one time per day, and in the fourth room, were fed a random number of meals per day.
The project is being developed by one of Scotland's oldest charities and leading social enterprises, Kibble Education and Care Centre.
TREAT BALL - Fill with your dog's daily ration of dried food and he will spend ages rolling it around to release the kibble.
They go through similar manufacturing processes, although kibble gets extruded and canned gets retorted (heated at high temperature in a retort sterilizer), so they both go through a heating process.