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also kib·bitz  (kĭb′ĭts)
intr.v. kib·itzed, kib·itz·ing, kib·itz·es also kib·bitzed or kib·bitz·ing or kib·bitz·es Informal
1. To chat; converse: "[They] are very reserved people and prefer not to kibitz with strangers" (Ann Marie Sabath).
2. To offer unwanted or meddlesome advice, such as that given by the spectator of a card game.

[Yiddish kibitsen, from German kiebitzen, from Rotwelsch (German underground argot) kibitschen, to search (a prisoner), inspect, of unknown origin.]

kib′itz·er n.


(intr) informal US and Canadian to interfere or offer unwanted advice, esp as a spectator at a card game
[C20: from Yiddish kibitzen, from German kiebitzen to be an onlooker, from Kiebitz busybody, literally: plover]
ˈkibitzer n


(ˈkɪb ɪts)

v.i. Informal.
1. to act as a kibitzer.
2. to offer advice or criticism to as a kibitzer.
[1925–30; < Yiddish kibetsn]


Past participle: kibitzed
Gerund: kibitzing

I kibitz
you kibitz
he/she/it kibitzes
we kibitz
you kibitz
they kibitz
I kibitzed
you kibitzed
he/she/it kibitzed
we kibitzed
you kibitzed
they kibitzed
Present Continuous
I am kibitzing
you are kibitzing
he/she/it is kibitzing
we are kibitzing
you are kibitzing
they are kibitzing
Present Perfect
I have kibitzed
you have kibitzed
he/she/it has kibitzed
we have kibitzed
you have kibitzed
they have kibitzed
Past Continuous
I was kibitzing
you were kibitzing
he/she/it was kibitzing
we were kibitzing
you were kibitzing
they were kibitzing
Past Perfect
I had kibitzed
you had kibitzed
he/she/it had kibitzed
we had kibitzed
you had kibitzed
they had kibitzed
I will kibitz
you will kibitz
he/she/it will kibitz
we will kibitz
you will kibitz
they will kibitz
Future Perfect
I will have kibitzed
you will have kibitzed
he/she/it will have kibitzed
we will have kibitzed
you will have kibitzed
they will have kibitzed
Future Continuous
I will be kibitzing
you will be kibitzing
he/she/it will be kibitzing
we will be kibitzing
you will be kibitzing
they will be kibitzing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been kibitzing
you have been kibitzing
he/she/it has been kibitzing
we have been kibitzing
you have been kibitzing
they have been kibitzing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been kibitzing
you will have been kibitzing
he/she/it will have been kibitzing
we will have been kibitzing
you will have been kibitzing
they will have been kibitzing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been kibitzing
you had been kibitzing
he/she/it had been kibitzing
we had been kibitzing
you had been kibitzing
they had been kibitzing
I would kibitz
you would kibitz
he/she/it would kibitz
we would kibitz
you would kibitz
they would kibitz
Past Conditional
I would have kibitzed
you would have kibitzed
he/she/it would have kibitzed
we would have kibitzed
you would have kibitzed
they would have kibitzed
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Verb1.kibitz - make unwanted and intrusive comments
comment, point out, remark, notice - make or write a comment on; "he commented the paper of his colleague"


vi (US inf)
(Cards) → kibitzen (inf)
(= chat)plaudern, quatschen (inf)
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That, in essence, was a remark which came from an elderly lady who had come to kibitz at the groundbreaking program for a major infrastructure project.
He basically wants to kibitz (as they say in the trade) a little bit, get some drinks and nibbles, and he's happy.
It gave us an opportunity to kibitz and tell jokes and wonder how our beloved nation and world would get by.
Last month, the British musician was seen cuddling model Jessica Stam outside the Kibitz Room bar in West Hollywood, following his band's sell-out concert.
Thompson, regularly visited the instructor's lounge just to meet, greet and kibitz.
Companies like Heyzap, Airbnb, Hipmunk, Reddit and Dropbox are all very different but have one mighty factor in common - they got their initial green and kibitz from Y Combinator.
Neuharth, who back then was CEO of Gannett, showed up in the newsroom every night to kibitz when the first edition came off the press.
Indeed, rather than a curial kibitz about celibacy, what we need is some thinking outside the clergy-lay box that considers the best way to provide the baptized "the spiritual goods of the church," to which canon law says they have a right.
The salon, the authors argue, was an arena of self-promotion and social mobility: a setup that was democratic rather than elitist (in spite of the frequently cushy mise-enscene), allowing minds to meet according to mutual interests, and kibitz.
Second, I'm taking the time I devoted to this quest for encyclopedic knowledge of the Internet's political buzz and using it, whenever possible, to watch candidates in action, to gab with supporters and undecided voters, and kibitz with as many political consultants and analysts and campaign workers as I can.
Those $25 and $50 items that employees kibitz about in the cafeteria don't count for much once you've had a penetrating look inside a four-day, $63,597 inpatient procedure.
Who are we to kibitz from the sidelines without access to secret briefings, intelligence, knowledge, and all of the apparatus of government?