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adj. kick·i·er, kick·i·est Slang
So unusual or unconventional in character or nature as to provide a thrill.


adj, kickier or kickiest
fashionable and exciting


(ˈkɪk i)

adj. kick•i•er, kick•i•est. Slang.
pleasurably amusing.
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Probably that kicky back Smith because I knew I could do it, it was just gonna be a battle.
Mind you, he did invent a few that might be judged unsuitable in today's society such as kicky wicky, a jocular term meaning girlfriend or spouse.
This fun and kicky shoe is flexible lightweight outsole.
Grouper sandwiches beat out the grouper soft tacos because of their kicky remoulade, although at dinnertime an array of seafood linguines--wine and garlic and butter in a time-honored dance--seems to reignite people's passion for carbs.
At least a few of the era's drinks--a tangy, sweet honey-gin-lemon concoction called "the bee's knees," a kicky absinthe-tinged sour known as the "corpse reviver No.
At my first literary festival, I stepped on a nest of bumblebees and went from the emergency room to the stage, where I gave my first reading barefoot because my feet were too swollen for my kicky boots.
The film's disco pulse gives it a throb of ecstasy, and this does more than create a handful of kicky musical sequences.
Kasliwal has Jaipur-based Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans to thank for that kicky pairing.
Even though I'm a very kicky 56, I have lots of childhood memories of the cartoons that were coming out during Watergate," he said, listing off names of artists like Pat Oliphant, Paul Conrad, Jeff MacNelly, Mike Peters.
she captioned the pic, which shows her sporting a kicky striped top from her Calia by Carrie Underwood fitness clothing line.
But, the show's featured boutique hotel takes the kicky concept up several notches, so we hope other establishments 'idiosyncratically' follow suit!
In rigorous and in fanciful aesthetic procedures begins the replenishment--through critique, through reenactment, through ritual, through kicky if sober-seeming detournements--of depleted resources.