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adj. kick·i·er, kick·i·est Slang
So unusual or unconventional in character or nature as to provide a thrill.


adj, kickier or kickiest
fashionable and exciting


(ˈkɪk i)

adj. kick•i•er, kick•i•est. Slang.
pleasurably amusing.
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Susan Thorpe (14-172, 15-169) cited Oxford [OED] to support her candidates KICKY, LILY, NINNY, PIPPY, SISSY and TITTY to be pronounced with two short i's ("i/i") and declared as 'wrong' our independent impressions (Anil 14-265; Jeff 15-107) they're pronounced short i, long e ("i/e").
It is that kicky thing you do with your leg when you arrive at the boot of the car and need to open the tailgate but cannot because your hands are full of shopping or you are carrying something you cannot put down, like a small sleeping child.
And, besides, with a kicky toddler directly behind us, we had other, more pressing things to endure.
Kicky little skirts that peeped out from under that longline blazer or equally oversized knits.
A collection of kicky, '70s-style graphic print pillows from notNeutral pack pop punch.
IF YOU, LIKE EVERY RIGHT-MINDED EPICURE, are a fiend for authentic, kicky Southern fried chicken, pick up the phone now and book a table at Blue Rooster, the restaurant, bar and blues venue one door east of Darwin's on 4th in Sarasota.
Loose-fitting tunics with flares low over the hips and a bit of gauzy transparency here and there joined the series of fun, kicky mini-skirts.
On opening night of San Francisco Ballet's new Cinderella, the dancer dove into the role of snarky stepsister Edwina with such kicky zest that you feared she would levitate on an updraft of sheer malice.
When stories could be kicky and creative, he added filigrees of style and fun.
As for the other composers, Kicky Ian Gordon shows his musical theatre bent in the light but pleasant eight-song cycle.
Along with that Google+ has the feature of auto-awesome which does kicky and fun things like turning photos into small collages, and turning images into the new favourite animated image format GIF.