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Adj.1.kid-glove - showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with people; "by diplomatic conduct he avoided antagonizing anyone"; "a tactful way of correcting someone"; "the agency got the kid-glove treatment on Capitol Hill"
diplomatical, diplomatic - using or marked by tact in dealing with sensitive matters or people; "the hostess averted a confrontation with a diplomatic chenage of subject"
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Be it observed, however, that all this information is given by a man who, according to his own statement, was only at one of the islands, and remained there but two weeks, sleeping every night on board his ship, and taking little kid-glove excursions ashore in the daytime, attended by an armed party.
I have put in this chapter on fighting of malice prepense, partly because I want to give you a true picture of what everyday school life was in my time, and not a kid-glove and go-to- meeting-coat picture, and partly because of the cant and twaddle that's talked of boxing and fighting with fists nowadays.
He also acquainted them with the precise amount of the income guaranteed by the Duke of Thigsberry to Violetta Stetta of the Italian Opera, which it appeared was payable quarterly, and not half-yearly, as the public had been given to understand, and which was EXclusive, and not INclusive (as had been monstrously stated,) of jewellery, perfumery, hair-powder for five footmen, and two daily changes of kid-gloves for a page.
But nor should abusive drunks think they have a right to kid-glove treatment when they are way out of line.
Politicians, whether serving or retired, do not qualify for kid-glove treatment when they should have been setting an example.
She really needed only kid-glove treatment by Luke Morris from the home bend to gallop two and a quarter lengths clear of Diamond Lady and some highly inexperienced-looking associates.
The Americans could teach our judiciary a lesson in punishments with their boot camps and hard labour road-working gangs which have proved beyond doubt that reoffending is a rare occurrence in the US compared with the kid-glove treatment of evil doers in this country.
They have survived rigorous boot-camps designed to turn them into top-class athletes - far tougher than any kid-glove youth detention centre - yet have emerged happy, confident and inspired.
China is mainly getting kid-glove treatment from America's hawks because they've staked their identify on the notion that some jihadist hicks in the frontiers of the Iraq-Pakistan border (oops, I just had a McCain moment) are the chief issue facing humankind.
The evidence is there for all to see with the kid-glove treatment they give offenders.
The tangerine was once referred to as "the kid-glove orange", as its skin feels like fine leather and slips off as easily as a glove.
The ferocious mudslinging, remarkable even in a state not known for kid-glove politics, has subsided.