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or kid·dy  (kĭd′ē)
n. pl. kid·dies Slang
A small child.


or kid•dy

(ˈkɪd i)

n., pl. -dies. Informal.
a child; youngster.


kiddy [ˈkɪdi] ntout-petit m


[ˈkɪdɪ] n (fam) → bambino/a
References in classic literature ?
That's nonsense, kiddie," retorted the Patchwork Girl cheerfully.
And then, just as sudden, came the silence again--all except for some small kiddie that had got dropped in the stampede and that kept crying in the bush for its mother.
There are no kiddies and half-grown youths among them.
There was his chief engineer-- old, near-sighted MacPherson--who told the story of returning home to be locked out of his house by his four-year kiddie that never had laid eyes on him before.
After the learning session, the team will track the students saving habits by closely coordinating with teachers and school officials for the purpose of encouraging the youngsters to open and grow savings in a Kiddie Savings account.
22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas is recognized by many as one of America's fastest growing states and is now home to six new Kiddie Academy locations, including openings in three cities: Austin, Dallas and Houston.
As a result, youngsters at Kiddie Cats Pre-School, based at St Philip's Community Centre, follow the ground rules and behave very well.
One reason the kiddie tax originally applied only to children age 14 and younger was to minimize complexity.
Casebot Kiddie Case for iPad mini is designed for children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities.
The kiddie tax was added by the 1986 Tax Reform Act to prevent parents in higher tax brackets from avoiding tax on income from investment assets by transferring them to their children.
PC James Kiddie was convicted of common assault and handed a community service order earlier this year after lashing out at Sarah Reed at the Uniqlo clothing store in Regent Street, London, in November 2012.
com)-- The Director of Kiddie Garden said that they strive to promote the emotional, spiritual, and social development of children from every cultural and social background and to offer them with age-appropriate learning activities inside a caring & loving Christian environment.