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or kid·dy  (kĭd′ē)
n. pl. kid·dies Slang
A small child.


or kid•dy

(ˈkɪd i)

n., pl. -dies. Informal.
a child; youngster.


kiddy [ˈkɪdi] ntout-petit m


[ˈkɪdɪ] n (fam) → bambino/a
References in classic literature ?
There was two little kiddies in the Carter family whom I had loved and who had thought there was no one on Earth like Uncle Jack; I could see them just as plainly, as I stood there under the moonlit skies of Barsoom, and I longed for them as I had never longed for any mortals before.
There are no kiddies and half-grown youths among them.
And then, just as sudden, came the silence again--all except for some small kiddie that had got dropped in the stampede and that kept crying in the bush for its mother.
COUNCILLOR Jamieson considers that there is a 'little kiddies atmosphere' in the top forms of Solihull's grammar schools.
com)-- Kiddies Kingdom, a one-stop-shop of nursery furniture, pushchairs and car seats, are now offering car seats from renowned brand Kiddy.
As the hacking collective Script Kiddies calls itself an ally of Anonymous and its ongoing Operation Anti-Security, Anonymous remain strangely silent, leading to speculation whether (http://www.
He said: "The most important thing for me is getting some of the kiddie generation in, getting the kind of stuff kiddies like into parks on a large scale.
A company called Kiddies Sport has been outsourced by many Windhoek primary schools to provide PE lessons.
For a moment there, forgot that when we took that vote, we shouted to take down Bonds, ``And his little kiddies, too
The network security expert explores: knowing the culprit, from script kiddies to elite hackers; hackers' views of networks and TCP/IP protocols; the hacking phases including reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access and preventing detection; the most dangerous and widespread attack situations; key hacker tools such as port scanners, sniffers, session hijackers, and RootKits; how hackers build elegant attacks from simple building blocks; how hackers cover their tracks.
CHILD-SEX fiends have been moved from their seaside care homes after The People revealed they were being allowed to get close to kiddies.
Next she'll be doing a kiddies pyjama range, followed by her very own ice cream in 12 different flavours.