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A cousin kiddingly remarks, 'They might even give you a refund.
Of course, Marlon Brando's acclaimed demonstration of the technique in both versions of "Streetcar" (as well as in "Waterfront") sometimes kiddingly was called the "itch-and-scratch" style.
After several months a neighbor kiddingly (but he meant it) said to me numerous times, "Why don't you give that dog a break?
Rachel Held Evans, who kiddingly said, "I'm no theologian; I'm a blogger," also delivered two lectures referencing her bestselling books, "My Year of Biblical Womanhood" and "Evolving in Monkeytown.
The following April 1st, I told him kiddingly that I wanted to buy him an umbrella for his office.
Audette, a full-time 911 dispatcher in Leicester and part-time emergency dispatcher in Charlton, said the 12-year-old plow blade on his truck needed a paint job anyway, and after talking it over with his two children, Carley, 10, and Cooper, 14, he kiddingly suggested the color pink.
I kiddingly said to him that if we booked a team for a game in his driveway, that his son would be sure to play.
Braude kiddingly referred to the "beak of the librarian" in his Doe lecture as a metaphorical signifier of the uncanny ability of the health sciences librarian to use teaching and learning as means of specialized adaptation.
Recently, I was at a meeting and kiddingly said that the worst thing that could happen is a political scientist doing content analysis.
He asked journalists, perhaps kiddingly, not to attack him for the first several months in capacity of the President, but allowed some time for work.