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n. pl. kid·dos Slang
a. A child.
b. A young person.
2. Pal. Used as a term of familiar address: "I said to the girl, rather snootily: 'I have a trade, kiddo. I'm a detective'" (Ross Macdonald).


n, pl -dos or -does
an affectionate form of address used to a younger person


(ˈkɪd oʊ)

n., pl. -dos, -does.
Informal. (used as a familiar form of address.)
[1880–85; kid1 + -o]


[ˈkɪdəʊ] n (mainly US)petit(e) m/fkid gloves npl
to treat sb with kid gloves → prendre des gants avec qn
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Nothin' doin', kiddo," came the answer, as the chauffeur measured with hard, wise eyes the crumbling edge of the road and the downfall of the outside bank.
Seeyaa kiddo RIP chuck Paul Southern-Cavendish Facebook "f" Logo CMYK /.
AH Jaysus, move over Joe, there's a new kiddo in town.
I was covering Maurice when Kiddo nutmegged him and laughed as he went by.
they're paying tons to stay there - as each kiddo was presented with a white robe with the words "Princess Mila"/"Princess Ella," stitched on them, in addition to an adorable collection of mini soft toys.
whichmeans it's time It's time kiddo for her to take by his small wrist the boy who clings to me like death, as if he knows: it is no myth.
Check out this awesome box for items your kiddo might want to include:
To be fair to Kiddo he improved his own financial position, but it didn't go down well.
I've been hiding my rapidly growing bump while shooting but this kiddo is vying for screen time," the actress (http://www.
The daily quoted Saleh Kiddo [sic], deputy Secretary General of the left-wing Kurdish Syrian Party as saying that "the Kurdish movement, regardless of its continuous readiness to take part in a dialogue and negotiate with the regime's leadership, has boycotted the meeting with the (presidential) delegation because it does not want to focus on parts of the demands issued by the Syrian people and leave others out.
Ince said: "I remember at Manchester United, Kiddo was always the person you would turn to when you had just been slaughtered by the gaffer.
Last year's winners, Kiddo 360, won an award at the Vodafone Live Awards in October, alongside the likes of The Ting Tings, Primal Scream and Kate Nash.