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n. pl. kid·dos Slang
a. A child.
b. A young person.
2. Pal. Used as a term of familiar address: "I said to the girl, rather snootily: 'I have a trade, kiddo. I'm a detective'" (Ross Macdonald).


n, pl -dos or -does
an affectionate form of address used to a younger person


(ˈkɪd oʊ)

n., pl. -dos, -does.
Informal. (used as a familiar form of address.)
[1880–85; kid1 + -o]


[ˈkɪdəʊ] n (mainly US)petit(e) m/fkid gloves npl
to treat sb with kid gloves → prendre des gants avec qn
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In the old days, parents packed their kiddos off to the first day of school with a new metal lunch box and an apple for the teacher.
I want parents like us to be able to say, unapologetically, 'We want to be able to leave the house without our children on occasion, guilt-free, and we want to know our kiddos are in quality and capable hands when we do.
We have bigger and better plans to deliver for our kiddos in Paxton," he said.
June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --The mommy of all e-commerce marketplaces, PatPat, is the new, free-to-download app for iOS and Android that brings moms and their kiddos the safest and most on-trend everyday essentials at a price that is up to 90 percent less than traditional retailers.
That said, just because kiddos today are told that Go-Gurt (a "yogurt" product in a plastic tube that features flavors such as Cool Cotton Candy and Strawberry Milkshake) fits the definition of health food doesn't mean that hyper-concerned wackos should strike at the heart of what makes eating your vegetables worthwhile: The chocolate chip cookie.
Kid stuff: Formal festivities are coming up, and the kiddos will need to look their very best, but don't put them in those sweet little red velveteen numbers you wore as a kid.
The superintendent hired me on the spot because of my experience in Queens working with "those colored kiddos.
Clump-o-Lumps are perfect for kiddos of all kinds, ages 3-103.
When parents, grandparents, and guardians take an active role in teaching children to save money, financial responsibility is a skill that these young kiddos can take with them all the way through life.
These modern-day gunslingers have their gambits to turn women's heads - they know if they make a balloon animal for the kiddos or dance with the flower girl or reveal they're a member of Oprah's Book Club, the chances of a post-wedding quickie improve exponentially.
Kiddos looking for a lemonade- and-swimming-type week just may be out of luck.
The new drive-thru is specifically designed for anyone in too much of a hurry to sit and savor a meal - deadline-driven business men and women, parents with a backseat full of kiddos, hurried college students and residents who don't want to deal with local weather conditions.