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 (kĭf, kēf)
Variant of kif.


(Pharmacology) a variant spelling of kif


(kif, keɪf, kɛf)

also kief

n. (in the Middle East)
1. a state of drowsy contentment, esp. from the use of a narcotic.
2. a substance, esp. a smoking preparation of hemp leaves, used to produce this state.
[1800–10; < Arabic kaif well-being, pleasure]
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Manilow, 71, and his longtime manager Kief, 64, married last April in Palm Springs, California, but news of their nuptials has only just surfaced.
Happy couple Manilow and Kief did not sign any paperwork according to People magazine, but both wear wedding bands and a source said: "They are committed to one another and have been for a very long time.
Derek Kief further explained that the brightness of the object that the observers saw was caused through friction and strong air resistance that is capable of lighting the trace on fire.
Is messing with your kief like messing with your emotions?
GENE SMITH tp = eightsmen GENE SMITH td1 = meetings, seething, sheeting GENE SMITH ta1 = metheglins LAMAR tp = alarm, malar, ramal FIKE tp = kief LAMAR FIKE ta4 = craftsmanlike ESPOSITO tp = isotopes ESPOSITO ta1= opposites, snoopiest, spookiest FORTAS ta1 = factors, formats FORTAS ta2 = software, surfboat ALAN FORTAS ta4 = stagflationary BITSY MOTT ta5 = biosystematist RAY SITTON tp = antistory RED WEST tp = strewed, wrested RED WEST ta1 = iewdster, weirdest, wrestled
The ones that are really going after the business to compete with the mattress specialty stores are creating a mattress specialty area inside their own store," said Lou Kief, partner in Kief-Walls Group, a store design company.
Kief Hillsbery's first novel, War Boy, repeatedly challenges the reader to ask, Did I know about any of this stuff when I was fourteen?
The company's jobs were completed as a joint venture partner with Christenson Raber Kief and Associates of Seattle, Wash.
In fact, since the Soviet reactors were not covered by International Atomic Energy Agency safeguard, they have never been inspected by Western nuclear experts, according to Phil Kief, an Energy Department spokesperson.
Malcolm Kief, professor in the Graphic Communication Department at California Polytechnic State University; Ken Lantz, studio producer at Ashfield Healthcare Communications; and Dr.
Laughter was Linore's key while setting an example of love and respect for each unique son," says Kief Crabtree, who married one of those boys, Tom.