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n. pl. killdeer or kill·deers
A New World plover (Charadrius vociferus) that has a distinctive noisy cry and two black bands across its breast.

[Probably imitative of its call.]


n, pl -deer or -deers
(Animals) a large brown-and-white North American plover, Charadrius vociferus, with two black breast bands and a noisy cry
[C18: of imitative origin]



n., pl. -deers, -deer.
a common New World plover of farmland and meadows, Charadrius vociferus, having two black bands around the upper breast.
[1725–35, Amer.; imitative]
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Noun1.killdeer - American plover of inland waters and fields having a distinctive crykilldeer - American plover of inland waters and fields having a distinctive cry
plover - any of numerous chiefly shorebirds of relatively compact build having straight bills and large pointed wings; closely related to the sandpipers
Charadrius, genus Charadrius - type genus of the Charadriidae: plovers
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The tiny white bird is constantly at the side of the much larger killdeer, leaving many to think the plover is the killdeer's chick.
These included beaver tail splash, great blue heron squawk, woodcock "peent," coyote howl, red fox yelp, deer grunt, barred owl hoot, and the calls of screech owl, killdeer, bullfrog, and gray treefrog.
Our family got to observe a male and female killdeer setting up their family in our green beans.
Killdeer and red-winged blackbirds thrive along the densely thicketed edges of lakes and small ponds where beaver busily harvest trees to build lodges and dams.
A tourist parked his battered sedan in a nearby garage moments before the Singaporean ambassador arrived in a five-car motorcade on Executive Drive; a small-business owner traveled from Killdeer, N.
Killdeer are small wading birds common to North and Central America.
The way a killdeer separates its wing, as if broken at the joint,
These prairie plants grew on farms of the Killdeer Plains between Bucyrus, Marion and Upper Sandusky.
04 R swainsoni * Buteo Red-tailed Hawk PR jamaicensis Charadrius Killdeer PR 0.
Over the past several weeks, a Killdeer Plover was seen nesting at the construction project site for Robertet Flavors Inc.
Of special note is the addition to this highly recommended picturebook for children a very special educational section, 'For Creative Minds', that provides children with fun facts about birds, 'bird math', bird injuries, and a 'Match the Nest' activity with nest information for Magpies, Killdeer, Robins, Screech-Owls, Starlings, Brewer's Blackbird; the Common Grackle, Meadowlarks, Whip-poor-wills, Mourning Doves, and the Northern Oriole.