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Unfortunately I was taking 45 minutes to chew my way through a 350 kilocalorie bowl of pasta, which was reducing the amount of time I could spend in the water.
12 yuan per kilocalorie, which would put the price of benchmark 5,500 kcal coal at 550-660 yuan ($88-106) per tonne.
The new daily assessment reflects the commercial and merchantable value of thermal coal with a calorific value of 5,500 kilocalorie per kilogram (kcal/kg) net-as-received (NAR) on delivered basis to the east and west coasts of India, 30 to 60 days forward.
Even the most soulless of pragmatists concur that burning 10 kilocalories of energy to produce every one kilocalorie of food on our plates is an unconscionable waste of energy.
Median total kilocalorie intake was similar in women with and without HIV (1795 and 1757), as were median kilocalorie intakes from carbohydrates (48 and 48), fat (36 and 36), protein (14 and 14), and sweets (12 and 13).
A kilocalorie is the equivalent to one calorie as listed on a food package.
However, compared to teenage males, teenage females require an increase in kilocalorie intake earlier in life that also decreases more quickly, due to their earlier pubescence and lower adult body weight.
He also includes a simple, accurate algorithm for calculating daily kilocalorie targets for dancers (this reviewer tried it) and advises to "go no longer than four hours without eating.
The Sensewear Armband (SWA) Kilocalorie (Kcal) measures appear comparable to indirect calorimetry (IC) for exercise activities; however, agreement between SWA and IC has not been determined for low intensity activities commonly used in rehabilitation.
The map showing total kilocalorie APD (Figure 3) did not establish a visual relationship because all four categories had an approximately equal number of countries, except the category with high intake and high CVD rate.
At the end of the 16-week experimental period, the mean kilocalorie, carbohydrate and protein intakes for the AER remained unchanged despite the finding of a significant decrease the dietary intake of fat (91.