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 (kĭ-lŏm′ĭ-tər, kĭl′ə-mē′tər)
n. Abbr. km
A metric unit of length equal to 1,000 meters (0.62 mile). See Table at measurement.

kil′o·met′ric (kĭl′ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.


[ˌkɪləʊˈmetrɪk] ADJkilométrico
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the contract is concluded at a price per kilometer for: - service f: kilometric gain or loss in the event of a change of outfall for services c and d.
Queues to get inside the station have also reached kilometric rates, not to mention the next line that passengers have to hurdle just to get inside a jam-packed train car.
The second question will yield a kilometric list of reasons why she should not have been given the award.
Observers are also scandalized seeing the sickening kilometric lines applying for NBI clearances.
Most stunning of all for me was the work of an artist I'd never even heard of Giovanni Battista Lusieri (1755-1821), whose A View of the Bay of Naples, Looking Southwest from the Pizzofalcone towards Capo di Posilippo, a monumental landscape with an equally kilometric name, displays an uncanny awareness of both the largeness and the smallness of things.
The standard deviation of measured subsidence was evaluated based on kilometric errors estimated from each measurement.
2014: The effects of precipitation history on the kilometric index of dorcas gazelles.
2011), while abundance indices may include, among the others, the kilometric index (Vincent et al.
This book verifies in great detail every project (with specific kilometric measurements), how many concessionaires were involved and the share of the project each of them acquires.
First, the massive receiver would have been too insensitive to detect solar radio emissions; second, kilometric radiation is blocked by the Earth's ionosphere, a fact unknown at the time.
They had magnetic tapes or video tapes, and kilometric tapes that spied on us from all sides, from the railway station right into our underwear.
Projects' details Project ID Sub-project Type Ocv[euro] Acv[euro] 1 Extension of the 1,193,293 1,795,619 structure from 211+329 kilometric point (KP) to 227+000 KP 2 Extension of the 1,322,944 2,118,960 structure from 227 +000 KP to 256+288 KP 3 Masonry extension 3,766,431 4,900,202 420.