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n. Abbr. kt
1. A unit of weight or capacity equal to 1,000 metric tons.
2. An explosive energy equivalent to that of 1,000 metric tons of TNT.


1. (Units) one thousand tons
2. (Units) an explosive power, esp of a nuclear weapon, equal to the power of 1000 tons of TNT
Abbreviation: kt


(ˈkɪl əˌtʌn)

1. a unit of weight, equal to 1000 tons.
2. an explosive force equal to that of 1000 tons of TNT.
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Noun1.kiloton - one thousand tons
avoirdupois unit - any of the units of the avoirdupois system of weights
net ton, short ton, ton - a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds
megaton - one million tons
2.kiloton - a measure of explosive power (of an atomic weapon) equal to that of 1000 tons of TNT
explosive unit - any unit for measuring the force of explosions


[ˈkɪləʊˌtʌn] Nkilotón m
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Elle a presque tripl[euro]u[c] passant de 338 kilotonnes [euro]u 955 Kt en dix ans.
The latest - on September 3, 2017, when the power of the exploded charge, according to the opinion of a number of analysts, may have reached 100 kilotonnes.
L'agence KCNA affirmait que cette bombe H pouvait etre reglee sur une puissance de plusieurs centaines de kilotonnes et declenchee a haute altitude.
SRC participated in projects that reduced greenhouse gases (GHGs) more than 21 kilotonnes and saved an equivalent to more than 40 million kWh/year of energy.
Dubai Lamp serves this strategy by reducing energy consumption by 90 per cent and will reduce an amount of 640 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide emissions until 2021," said Al Badwawi.
The suspension of operations at Stobie will result in a reduction of approximately 4-6 kilotonnes of nickel and 5-8 kilotonnes of copper production annually.
Even environmentalists who were once labelled treehuggers now rattle on about fuel efficiency ratings and ecological footprints, contaminants in parts per billion, food trade journeys in thousands of kilometres and greenhouse gases in kilotonnes of carbon equivalent.
The weapon had a yield of about 15 kilotonnes and killed 140,000 people.
Such a yield would make this test larger than the nuclear bomb dropped by the United States on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in World War Two, which exploded with an energy of about 15 kilotonnes.
France also condemned the nuclear test, which is believed to be the biggest-ever -- measuring 10 kilotonnes.
Upon the start of production in 2017, the company will have capacity to produce 666 kilotonnes of calcined petroleum coke per year, which will serve the aluminum, steel, and titanium oxide markets in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.
Over the next five years, Sabic will add a total of 338 kilotonnes of capacity across its entire global portfolio.