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n. Abbr. kt
1. A unit of weight or capacity equal to 1,000 metric tons.
2. An explosive energy equivalent to that of 1,000 metric tons of TNT.


1. (Units) one thousand tons
2. (Units) an explosive power, esp of a nuclear weapon, equal to the power of 1000 tons of TNT
Abbreviation: kt


(ˈkɪl əˌtʌn)

1. a unit of weight, equal to 1000 tons.
2. an explosive force equal to that of 1000 tons of TNT.
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Noun1.kiloton - one thousand tons
avoirdupois unit - any of the units of the avoirdupois system of weights
net ton, short ton, ton - a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds
megaton - one million tons
2.kiloton - a measure of explosive power (of an atomic weapon) equal to that of 1000 tons of TNT
explosive unit - any unit for measuring the force of explosions


[ˈkɪləʊˌtʌn] Nkilotón m
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Over the next five years, Sabic will add a total of 338 kilotonnes of capacity across its entire global portfolio.
Record global FRP shipments of 788 kilotonnes up 3% YoY and versus Q1
Dans le domaine commercial, le groupe de l'Office cherifien des phosphates importe de la Russie un volume annuel de l'ordre de 1,4 million de tonnes de souffre et de 400 a 500 kilotonnes (kt) d'ammoniac.
This is processed to 600 kilotonnes of compost, and the end-product partially exported while over annual national consumption.
OMPET would rent a 330,000 m2 plot at Sohar to produce 250 kilotonnes of Poly Ethylene Terephthalate (PET) which will be used to produce bottles for packing soft drinks and single-serve beverages, as per the deal.
Once Vale's $1-billion Clean AER Project is completed, it will cut down sulphur dioxide emissions to 20 kilotonnes per year, below the provincial regulatory limit of 66 kilotonnes per year.
Zambia emits about 2,500 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide a year, or about 0.
Total fly ash emission to the atmosphere from the power plant reached more than 300 kilotonnes per year by the end of the 1970s [12], among this more than 100 kg PAHs.
Alexis Le Pichon, from the Atomic Energy Commission in France and colleagues report that the explosive energy of the impact was equivalent to 460 kilotonnes of TNT.
While the 'Fat Man' bomb used in Nagasaki had the equivalent explosive yield of about 20-22 kilotonnes of TNT, a typical U.
Most Asean countries are highly dependent on oil import more than ever, with a projected 315,000 kilotonnes of oil equivalent annually by 2030 needed, according to experts.
Wales' carbon dioxide emissions hit more than 32,187 kilotonnes (kt) in 2010 - a 14% surge on the 28,248kt produced in the previous year.