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A variety of peridotite forming pipes in which diamonds and garnets are often found.

[After Kimberley, a city in central South Africa where several kimberlite pipes mined for large diamonds are found.]

kim′ber·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Minerals) an intrusive igneous rock generated at great depth in the earth's mantle and consisting largely of olivine and phlogopite. It often contains diamonds
[C19: from Kimberley + -ite1]
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Noun1.kimberlite - a rare type of peridotite that sometimes contains diamonds; found in South Africa and Siberia
peridotite - a dark coarse-grained igneous rock consisting principally of olivine
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Previously reported (news release of November 28, 2005) partial and preliminary results indicated highly anomalous samples were obtained in the vicinity of known kimberlite pipes.
Two of the claim groups are located within the newly penned "Ekati Trend" approximately 40 kilometres northeast of the Ekati diamond mine; and two claims are located 35 kilometers south of the DO27 diamondiferous kimberlite currently the focus of detailed exploration by Peregrine Diamonds et al.
VAA - TSXV) (60% interest) are pleased to report that delineation drilling at the Brauna diamond property in Bahia state, northeastern Brazil, has resulted in the expansion of the size of the Brauna 3 kimberlite.
The partners announced in late April evidence of a third kimberlite about eight kilometres north of De Beers Canada's proposed Victor diamond mine project near Attawapiskat.
Fifteen core holes have been completed at the Brauna 3 pipe, totaling 1,768 metres of core, of which 1,083 metres are kimberlite.
s discovery of two kimberlite occurrences around Attawapiskat has sparked renewed interest in diamonds in the James Bay region.
The eastern portion of the Fry Inlet Diamond property contains the LI-201 kimberlite, which was determined to be significantly diamondiferous during early stage exploration drilling performed in 1997 by Kennecott Canada Exploration Inc.
Sudbury Contact reactivated diamond exploration on its properties in the New Liskeard area and is currently conducting a hulk-sampling program on its 92-2 kimberlite pipe.
TSX VENTURE:DGM) ("Diagem" or the "Company") reports that the preliminary results of 40 bulk samples of the in situ eluvial gravels overlying the Collier-04 kimberlite pipe have been received.
In 1991, a prospector panning out stream sediments in Wawa came across kimberlite type grains.
This program will also evaluate the remainder of the claim block for potential sources of anomalous kimberlite indicator minerals present locally.
A number of the major diamond mines located around the world are hosted by Type II kimberlite.