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A candleholder holding one black, three red, and three green candles, used in celebrating Kwanzaa.

[Swahili, little tower, candelabrum, diminutive of mnara, tower, minaret, from Arabic manāra, lighthouse, minaret; see nwr in Semitic roots.]


(Alternative Belief Systems) a type of candle holder that holds seven candles, used in the African-American festival of Kwanzaa
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And if you observe Kwanzaa, you may be lighting the candles on a kinara.
Kick off the holidays at the annual lighting of the holiday Menorah, Kinara and the Wilton Manors Christmas Tree.
Official sources told that the Assistant Warden Fisheries Amir Ghafoor led the four-man team which conducted raids in the areas of Bani Gala, Lake View, Kinara Restaurant and Dhokri Nullah on Thursday night.
They are also used in the modern winter festival Kwanzaa, where a special candle holder called a kinara, that holds seven candles is used.
Enock Kinara, Kenya's postmaster general, said, 'The partnership being launched today will facilitate National Bank customers to make cash deposits, cash withdrawals and account balance inquiries among other services at Posta outlets, on the Post Pesa platform.
FOR MANY FAMILIES, some of the most beloved holiday traditions involve decorations: trees festooned with garlands and ornaments, stockings hung by the fireplace, Hanukkah menorahs or Kwanzaa kinara candleholders placed on tables, lights hung inside and out, and much more.
Join top showbiz mixologist Alan Kavanagh to learn all about the fascinating history and heritage of Bacardi and taste the aromatic cocktails produced by Paul Lambert from Kinara Kitchen, inspired by the flavours of Pakistani cuisine.
Thus, Nana Clover has a Thanksgiving centerpiece, the Danziger family has a havdalah candle to bless the ending of Sabbath, the Erickson's have a Santa Lucia candle for Kirsten's crown to celebrate Santa Lucia Day, Donte's family has a Faith candle for the kinara, and finally Nasreen and Faruq have a candle to help guide their father to their new apartment home when the power goes out.
Dubai: A deadly four-wicket spell from medium-pacer Mohammad Shahzad and a fighting knock from Fayyaz Ahmad helped the UAE to a two-wicket win over Hong Kong in the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Premier League being held at the Kinara Academy Oval in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Oman team will play their first game against Malaysia on May 1 at the Kinara Oval (KE), followed by matches against Hong Kong on May 2 at the Selangor Turf Club (STC), Nepal on May 4 at the STC, Afghanistan on May 5 at the STC and the UAE at the Bayuemas Oval (BO) on May 7.
The poets were given a select verse o[umlaut]Woh Aik Nm Jo Darya Bhi Hai Kinara Bhi' written by famous poet Asad Badauni, which served them as a model for their poetical exertions, in terms of"metre, mood and rhyme".