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Kind, sympathetic, or generous. See Synonyms at kind1.

kind′heart′ed·ly adv.
kind′heart′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.kindheartedness - sympathy arising from a kind heart
fellow feeling, sympathy - sharing the feelings of others (especially feelings of sorrow or anguish)
mellowness - kindheartedness through maturity or old age


References in classic literature ?
Fanny, in her pity and kindheartedness, was at great pains to teach him how to learn, giving him all the helps and directions in her power, trying to make an artificial memory for him, and learning every word of his part herself, but without his being much the forwarder.
All her hard work and kindheartedness have not gone unnoticed.
He included, Even if it is a small contribution, this tank came from the kindheartedness of Rwandese soldiers you live with here.
While kindheartedness is the driving passion, women who sign up with a leading California surrogacy agency like Extraordinary Conceptions receive a generous benefit package which begins at $40,000 for single births and $50,000 for twins.
We have loans to repay and the treatment to fend for, but we have exhausted all our options - relatives' help, kindheartedness of volunteers and doles by charities," she said.
It's this kindheartedness that sets Teessiders apart.
Jeffrey Frisch, a detective with the Clinton Police Department, said he has come to expect generosity and kindheartedness from people in Clinton, but even he was surprised by the response so far to an appeal by the department to help bring Christmas to four children who lost their mother the day before Thanksgiving.
Tributes to classmates, an interpretation of the lyrics of a Beyonce song on sustainability, thanking fellow learners for past kindheartedness, [these all] demand mutual respect" said Tahnee Horenburg, the Day of Kindness coordinator.
I, as the representative of the UNHCR, praise the generosity and kindheartedness of the countries (such as Iran) that are hosting the refugees and present services to these people who have been forced to leave their homeland," Di Caro said, addressing a ceremony marking the International Refugee Day in the Southeastern city of Kerman on Monday.
Thus, a great deal is lost when these mighty archetypes (anima, animus, soul, Yin, Yang, Gods and Goddesses, Justice, Kindheartedness, mana personalities) are "drastically downsized" and regarded as residing in us.
Despite this apparent act of kindheartedness, Schoenberg and Marks were not on the best of terms at the time of the election, during which they were allied with different political factions.
Equipped with gentlemanly manners and, for his age, a remarkable gift for handling the language, he manages to disguise his true character under a polished surface of polite kindheartedness.