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Kind, sympathetic, or generous. See Synonyms at kind1.

kind′heart′ed·ly adv.
kind′heart′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.kindheartedness - sympathy arising from a kind heart
fellow feeling, sympathy - sharing the feelings of others (especially feelings of sorrow or anguish)
mellowness - kindheartedness through maturity or old age


References in classic literature ?
Fanny, in her pity and kindheartedness, was at great pains to teach him how to learn, giving him all the helps and directions in her power, trying to make an artificial memory for him, and learning every word of his part herself, but without his being much the forwarder.
There still exists the opportunity to hand over parking tickets but with increasing numbers of people paying for parking on their mobiles, that gesture of unbidden kindheartedness will soon be consigned to history too.
He said that the teaching of sufis could be utilised to raise softness and kindheartedness among all the human beings.
Thanks to God Almighty and thanks to the kindheartedness and exceptional compassion of Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Abdullah Al Ali, my client had the chance to say goodbye to his son, who had been dying painfully and slowly .
After spending time at Maggie's, we wanted to repay their kindheartedness and to take something positive from this heartbreaking time.
Batanes speaks so much about the beauty of nature, serenity, the simplicity of life, and the kindheartedness of people.
Yet, his accounts about the kindheartedness and charity extended by the common people to an ill-fated and helpless foreigner are quite pleasing.
Mariana Klaveno sums up the common theme of kindheartedness when she notes that "it's remarkable how hard you'll work for someone who believes in you.
His dedication and kindheartedness made him a role model to all those who knew him Oskar will be greatly missed and we will keep our many wonderful memories of him close to our heart.
Once again, we cannot express our gratitude for the kindheartedness shown by you all in the last few days and look forward to having you join us in our belief that a tremendous amount of good can come from such an awful event.
The president lauded Pope Francis as being an "extraordinary person, a calm man who transmits kindheartedness.
He included, Even if it is a small contribution, this tank came from the kindheartedness of Rwandese soldiers you live with here.