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kin·dle 1

v. kin·dled, kin·dling, kin·dles
a. To build or fuel (a fire).
b. To set fire to; ignite.
2. To cause to glow; light up: The sunset kindled the skies.
3. To arouse (an emotion, for example): "No spark had yet kindled in him an intellectual passion" (George Eliot).
1. To catch fire; burst into flame.
2. To become bright; glow.
3. To become inflamed.
4. To be stirred up; rise.

[Middle English kindelen (influenced by kindelen, to give birth to, cause), probably from Old Norse kynda.]

kin′dler n.

kin·dle 2

intr.v. kin·dled, kin·dling, kin·dles
To give birth to young. Used especially of rabbits.
A brood or litter, especially of kittens.

[Middle English kindelen, from kindel, offspring, from Old English gecynd; see kind2.]
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They need a guy who got hot and cooled off and got lukewarm and cooled off again," jokes Kindler.
29 November 2011 - US privately-owned synthetic biology firm Intrexon Corp said on Monday that Robert Shapiro and Jeffrey Kindler, former chief executives of Monsanto (NYSE:MON) and Pfizer (NYSE:PFE), respectively, have joined its board of directors.
It's important that we have the highest standard of leadership in this position, and we have that in John," comments PhRMA chairman Jeff Kindler, who is chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer Inc.
Pfizer Inc (New York) Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Kindler said much of his three-year tenure has been focused on correcting past management mistakes, including the failure of an inhaled insulin product that cost the company at least $2.
She is survived by two sons, Francis Wieloch of Union Hall, VA and Thomas Wieloch of Wexford, PA; three daughters, Lucy Hajec and Alice Bantle, both of Pawleys Island, SC, and Rosemary Kindler of Dobbs Ferry, NY; one sister, Stasia Gasparik of West Brookfield; 14 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.
Saget is blandly likable, while the rest of the cast hits the usual sitcom buttons; comic Andy Kindler is funny in a role not integrated into the rest of the show: an utterly bored and boring math teacher.
Every summer, standup comedian Andy Kindler gives the "state of the industry" address at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival.
6 December 2010 - US Pfizer Inc (NYSE: PFE) said yesterday that its board of directors has elected Ian Read as president, CEO and director, succeeding Jeffrey Kindler, who has retired from the company.
WASHINGTON -- Jeffrey Kindler, chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer Inc.
Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Kindler said in January that he plans to help offset future losses to generic competition by buying rival Wyeth in a deal valued at about $64 billion.
Grudzien was a plumber at the American Woolen Mills and then for 30 years for Kindler Plumbing Company before retiring in 1984.