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 (kə-nē′sĭs, kī-)
n. pl. ki·ne·ses (-sēz)
Movement or activity of an organism in response to a stimulus such as light.

[Greek kīnēsis, movement, from kīnein, to move; see kei- in Indo-European roots.]


(kɪˈniːsɪs; kaɪ-)
(Biology) biology the nondirectional movement of an organism or cell in response to a stimulus, the rate of movement being dependent on the strength of the stimulus


(kɪˈni sɪs, kaɪ-)

the movement of an organism in response to a stimulus, as light.
[1900–05; < Greek kinēsis movement]


a combining form with the meaning “movement, activity,” often used with the more particular senses “reaction to a stimulus” (photokinesis), “movement without an apparent physical cause” (telekinesis), “activity within a cell” (karyokinesis). Compare -kinesia.
[< Greek -kīnēsis; see kinesis]
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Noun1.kinesis - a movement that is a response to a stimulus but is not oriented with respect to the source of stimulation
response, reaction - a bodily process occurring due to the effect of some antecedent stimulus or agent; "a bad reaction to the medicine"; "his responses have slowed with age"
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