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 (kə-nĕt′ĭ-sĭz′əm, kī-)
The theory or practice of kinetic art.

ki·net′i·cist n.
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This action is called tumbling and as verbally expressed earlier the kineticism of the piston towards TDC in fact enhances the indispensable turbulence to be achieved.
Inducing a frenetic energy edged with the comic-strip kineticism of ticking clocks and unknown ends, some artists made work in situ.
With a trendsetting visual style infused with the urgency and kineticism of action sports but now working within larger themes, Kerslake's iconic music video work, encouraged kids to buck the establishment.
Finally, the main conference room returns to the design motif of action and kineticism.
The concrete aesthetics of turning language into a material object available for semiotic processing is emulated by this particular use of kineticism as a model for reading codes and reading acts.
The direction lends a kineticism to a beautiful and organic sound.
I like their kineticism, their liveliness, their fascination with trying new things, their unpredictability.
The Social Network is possibly the most gripping courtroom drama of all time as Fincher brings a remarkable kineticism to the piece and Eisenberg fills his character with the kind of sardonic wit that you just don't see often enough.
In step with the visual avant-garde leanings of the leading figure of the Baghdad Modern Art Group, Jawad Selim, Jabra sought to confront the new kineticism of the post-war city with a similarly dynamic philosophy, existentialism.
The large painted-steel sculptures he realized in the late 1980s display the ferocity of metaphysical insight, but, given their basis in ballet and folk dance, do not belie his kineticism or obsession with human presence.
THERE ARE interesting questions about what constitutes true heroism in the aptly named ``Hero'' but it's the aesthetic splendor and weird kineticism that you remember.
Emphasizing kineticism and lightness, the sleek, aerodynamic forms are clearly inspired by the poetry and power of moving bodies.