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Any of various structurally related polypeptides, such as bradykinin, that act locally to induce vasodilation and contraction of smooth muscle.

[Short for bradykinin.]


1. (Biochemistry) any of a group of polypeptides in the blood that cause dilation of the blood vessels and make smooth muscles contract
2. (Botany) another name for cytokinin
[C20: from Greek kin(ēma) motion + -in]


(ˈkaɪ nɪn, ˈkɪn ɪn)

2. any of a group of hormones, formed in body tissues, that cause dilation of blood vessels.
[1950–55; (cyto) kin (esis) + -in1]
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Noun1.kinin - any of a class of plant hormones that promote cell division and delay the senescence of leaves
growth regulator, phytohormone, plant hormone - (botany) a plant product that acts like a hormone
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13] These visceral reflexes are also evoked by chemicals such as kinin, histamine, prostaglandin, and serotonin, which stimulate the high threshold cardiopulmonary receptors to produce apnea, hypotension, and bradycardia.
3 g Plasma aliquots were separated in Eppendorf microtubes containing inhibitors of kinin degradation--orthophenanthroline, ethylene-diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA), dipyridyl, and sodium tetrathionate--and immediately stored at -20[degrees]C.
Denizanasina maruziyet sonucu olusan agrinin, zehirde bulunan kinin ve kinin-benzeri faktor gibi endojen veya eksojen kimyasal mediyatorlerden kaynaklanabilecegi dusunulmektedir.
For ACE gene, D allele is associated with increased ACE activity, which converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II (potent vasoconstrictor) and degrades bradykinin (vasodilator), while allele I is associated with increased endurance performance and increased kinin activity.
13 With elusive mechanisms, the injection pain of propofol has mainly been attributed to the pain-inducing effect originating from the contact between aqueous phase of emulsion and free nerve endings14 or the delaying effect based on bradykinin produced by the activated kinin cascade system.
BK, kallidin, and methionyl-lysyl-bradykinin are the members of the kinin family.
123) Use: pharmaceutical Use: insecticide Class: kinin B1 receptor Class: organophosphate antagonist 23 Farglitazar Famoxadone [196808-45-4] [131807-57-3] (score = 0.
It may be due to its local anesthetic action or by inhibition of kinin release4.
The role of kinin receptors in cancer and therapeutic opportunities.
Normal expression of C1INH and normal C4 usually rule out HAE types I and II but cannot rule out HAE type III, which is thought to be a mutation in coagulation factor XII gene, which results in increased kinin production.
Kallikrein kinin system activation in post-exercise hypotension in water running of hypertensive volunteers.