kitchen island

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: island - an unattached counter in a kitchen that permits access from all sides
island - a zone or area resembling an island
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If your kitchen is basically in your living room, creating a kitchen island is a fun and functional way to create a separation.
A kitchen island, coupled with bar stools, allows those who prepare the food and those who eat it to interact.
There is a little bit of kitchen island stuff going on," he explained.
Funky pendant lights over a kitchen island is a brilliant idea.
It can be tricky finding somewhere to plug everything in, particularly on kitchen island worktops, and there's nothing worse than a spaghetti-mess of wires as you switch back and forth between the kettle, the toaster and a blender.
The kitchen island countertop is a statuary marble slab with knife edging.
The kitchen features a quaint kitchen island and large farm sink overlooking the backyard.
There's also a fitted dish washer, separate fitted fridge and freezer, a fitted microwave and grill, a new Worcester combi boiler, and a storage cupboard with heated towel rail, along with a kitchen island with storage drawers.
I frequently take my cutting supplies upstairs and use the kitchen island as my cutting station.
The property is rare because it still has all the original fixtures, fittings and furniture that he designed for the house, including its beautiful kitchen island and accompanying stools.
It also has a central kitchen island and a real open-plan feeling with its dining area and seating area.
For the kitchen island, Krason and Morgan suggest topping a painted island with butcher block to add warmth and visual interest to the room.