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A trademark for a loud electric horn.


(ˈklæksən) or


a type of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles
[C20: former trademark, from the name of the manufacturing company]


(ˈklæk sən)

a loud electric horn often used as a warning signal.
[1905–10, Amer.; formerly a trademark]
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Noun1.klaxon - a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehiclesklaxon - a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles
horn - an alarm device that makes a loud warning sound


[ˈklæksn] Nclaxon m


nHorn nt, → Hupe f
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25) But recognizing that applying the Klaxon rule does not make sense does not solve the problem--it can and does create a vacuum, one which a court might be tempted to fill by selecting choice-o flaw rules after the fact that are unconnected with the forum that might otherwise have been selected by an individual plaintiff at the outset of a case.
One case that summed up how we have changed was Operation Klaxon.
Ultimately, direct filing demonstrates how innovations in aggregate litigation that do not pay attention to choice of law create serious problems, and how such innovations may be maintained without undermining the benefits of the Klaxon choice-of-law regime.
He added: "It was explained that though the klaxon was sounded due to the short timescale of the incident staff may have perceived that all the remaining activities in activating the plan would have been considered excessive.
At the World Cup in West Germany in 1974 everyone was deafened by the drone of klaxons.
It's almost a game but with only one rule - every time the klaxon sounds each reveller must swap an item of clothing with someone next to them.
Mr Marshall explained that the lowered barrier, flashing lights and klaxon indicated it was not safe to cross.
A spokeswoman for the police said: ``The police car did have its klaxon on at the time of the incident.
The dinosaurs that run our sport can't even arrange for every stewards' box to be fitted with a klaxon, which would warn punters of an impending inquiry.
Secomak, a division of Klaxon Signals, at 502 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, tel:020 8952 5566 have now launched a range of miniature air knives and air canfons that are ideal for precision drying and cleaning applications in the food and beverage industries&
In the first 999 call centre, a loud klaxon siren would wail and a red light would flash, to ensure the calls were answered as quickly as possible.
I heard the fire engine, klaxon blaring, racing through the town.