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n. pl. klis·moi (-moi)
A type of chair originating in ancient Greece, having curved, splayed legs and a concave backrest.

[Greek, from klīnein, to lean; see klei-.]
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THE KLISMOS CHAIR IS SO CLASSIC it appears on ancient Grecian urns.
They discuss the seats of the pharaohs and lesser mortals; the enduring artistic legacy of the ancient Greek klismos chair; the chair of China and the influence of Eastern design on Western seating; the impact of technology, travel, and trade on Western 18th-century seating; seating too comfortable to be proper in the Victorian era; and the science, legacy, context, and vision of functional seating today.
From patinas to Klismos, Las Vegas Market unveils them all
A 19th-century Chinese painting table, a pair of vintage safety glass screens and some 1945-era Klismos side chairs furthers the "understated, restrained and relaxed" environment that Filicia was going for.