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An electron tube used to amplify or generate ultrahigh frequency by means of velocity modulation.

[Greek kluzein, klus-, to wash, break over + -tron.]


(ˈklɪstrɒn; ˈklaɪ-)
(General Physics) an electron tube for the amplification or generation of microwaves by means of velocity modulation
[C20 klys-, from Greek klus-, kluzein to wash over, break over + -tron]


(ˈklɪs trɒn, ˈklaɪ strɒn, -strən)
an electron tube whose beam is modulated to generate or amplify microwaves.
[1939; derivative of Greek klýzein (of waves) to wash over, surge (with -tron); compare clyster]
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Noun1.klystron - an electron tube used to generate or amplify electromagnetic radiation in the microwave region by velocity modulation
electron tube, thermionic tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic valve, vacuum tube, tube - electronic device consisting of a system of electrodes arranged in an evacuated glass or metal envelope
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Kumar, vice-president [Global Operations] of Klystron Global DMCC, Dubai also made a presentation at the inauguration on topic of 'Cyber Security'.
Aerodist master units essentially comprised: a klystron oscillator that set the carrier signal frequency that allowed voice communication with remote units, and later broadcast the measuring pattern frequency signals; a triode power amplifier that amplified carrier and measuring signals for transmission through the aircraft antenna system; and ovens for the crystals that determined the pattern frequencies that were automatically switched over the carrier frequency to give the measuring signals for relevant distant components.
Cryogenic cooled masers, travelling wave tubes and klystron amplifiers have given way to solid state amplifiers operating at ambient temperature, with low voltage dc supply requirement, as opposed to the three-phase needs of the TWTs and klystrons.
In 2010, we were only operating five carriers on Gen 2 and 3 Klystron Power Amplifiers (KPA)," said Deepakjit Singh, Managing Director, Encompass Digital Media Asia.
PAVE PAWS deployed a far more efficient solid-state phased array technology, thereby eliminating mechanical radar components and the failure of those moving parts, and also the costly klystron transmitters at the BMEWS sites.
Two brothers, Russell Varian (1898-1959) and Sigurd Varian (1901-1961), cooperated in designing and building the first microwave tube, called the klystron (after the Greek klyzo, or the bunching and breaking of ocean waves).
htm), magnetron, klystron, laser, mirror, transformer, bearings or any other replacement part to keep your equipment running smoothly, RadParts has what you need at a lower price.
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3m contract for high-power klystron amplifiers(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Each klystron was sealed and submerged in its own 5 gallon container of automotive motor oil and operated with reduced dc voltage on the filament.
Finally, it would be advisable to revise the TWT, klystron and gyrotron approaches in order to implement a green equipment that, if not from the economical point of view, be an environmentally viable technology.