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or knock·wurst  (nŏk′wûrst′, -wo͝orst′)
A short, thick, highly seasoned sausage.

[German : knacken, to crack (from Middle High German, of imitative origin) + Wurst, sausage; see wurst.]


(ˈnɒkˌwɜːst) or


(Cookery) a short fat highly seasoned sausage
[German, from knacken to make a cracking sound + Wurst sausage]
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Noun1.knackwurst - short thick highly seasoned sausage
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
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Traditionally it is served with pork, Polish sausage, Knackwurst, or a yummy hot dog covered with kraut
IF you find a speciality sausage shop you could get your hands on a Knoblouch or a Knackwurst.
The mostly California cuisine menu will retain its sprinkling of Austrian flavor, including Schwarzenegger's favorites wienerschnitzel, knackwurst, bratwurst, lammkeule mit gerostetem gemuese (molasses glazed rack of lamb) and zwiebel rost braten.
The new menu will include Wienerschnitzel, Knackwurst, Bratwurst, Lammkeule mit Gerostetem Gemuese (molasses glazed rack of lamb) and Zwiebel Rost Braten.
The Potato Sausage (Swedish), the Banger (Irish-English), the Mediterranean burger (Greek), the Fresh Polish, (Polish), The Bratwurst, Thuringer, Knackwurst, Liverwurst (German), the Italian (Italian), the Breakfast patti and link (American).
The weekend will feature a special Oktoberfest buffet for guests to sample Bavarian classics including assorted fresh Pumpernickel and Rye breads, German coleslaw, German potato salad, pickled beets, braised red cabbage, bier bratwurst, knackwurst and sauerkraut, wiener schnitzel, beer glazed pork hocks, and Black Forest cake.