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tr.v. knead·ed, knead·ing, kneads
1. To mix and work into a uniform mass, as by folding, pressing, and stretching with the hands: kneading dough.
2. To make or shape by or as if by folding, pressing, and stretching with the hands.
3. To squeeze, press, or roll with the hands, as in massaging: kneading a painful calf muscle.

[Middle English kneden, from Old English cnedan.]

knead′er n.


n. proceso de masaje y frotación.
References in classic literature ?
Then I kneaded the wax in my strong hands till it became soft, which it soon did between the kneading and the rays of the sun-god son of Hyperion.
Sometimes she might have been seen squatting upon her haunches in front of a huge wooden basin, and kneading poee-poee with terrific vehemence, dashing the stone pestle about as if she would shiver the vessel into fragments; on other occasions, galloping about the valley in search of a particular kind of leaf, used in some of her recondite operations, and returning home, toiling and sweating, with a bundle of it, under which most women would have sunk.
Do you remember," said he, in a melancholy tone, kneading the two hands of the giant between his own with affectionate cordiality, "do you remember, my friend, that in the glorious days of youth - do you remember, Porthos, when we were all strong and valiant - we, and the other two - if we had then had an inclination to return to France, do you think this sheet of salt water would have stopped us?
Stepping cautiously, they observed the women, who were squatting on the ground in triangular shapes, moving their hands, either plaiting straw or in kneading something in bowls.
A young woman was kneading with skilful fingers the tired muscles of his legs.
Aunt Janet, who was kneading her bread, turned round and lifted floury hands.
They will feed on barley-meal and flour of wheat, baking and kneading them, making noble cakes and loaves; these they will serve up on a mat of reeds or on clean leaves, themselves reclining the while upon beds strewn with yew or myrtle.
Key statement: A method for producing a rubber composition containing by weight 5 to 95 parts of natural rubber (NR), 95 to 5 parts of chloroprene rubber (CR), and 20 to 90 parts of carbon black (CB), using a kneading machine, includes a first step of producing a masterbatch (Ml) containing NR and CB; a second step of producing a masterbatch (M2) containing CR and CB, and a third step of mixing the Ml and M2 with each other to produce a masterbatch (M3) containing NR, CR and CB, wherein the amount of CB contained in the M2 is from 40 to 70% by weight relative to the total amount of CB in the rubber composition, and when the M2 is discharged from the kneading machine after the second step, the actually measured temperature of the rubber composition is from 100[degrees]C to 130[degrees]C.
If kneading by hand: Put the two flours and the bulgur wheat in a mixing bowl Pour in half the water, starter, salt and honey.
As part of the desired system must be provided: kneading vysokoapsorbcneho road handling to reach the place of storage when the hopper bread lines, storage path during the period of maturation.
Different recipes will call for different amounts of kneading but this is how to do it.