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n. Informal.
a joke evoking boisterous hilarity.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Property records indicate that the slapstick comedy king, who wrote, directed and/or produced classic knee-slappers like "Airplane
If you consider that crown a bit too heavy for the curly-haired head that dreamt up such knee-slappers as "My Bologna" and "Like a Surgeon," you haven't been paying much attention to Weird Al's work.
Every reviewer shared several knee-slappers and scenarios from the book.
For the present-day reader brought up on such knee-slappers as "The mother named her ranch Focus because it's where the sons raise meat", Thoreau's punning is undeniably bland.
Charva fashions should be recognised by Europe as a local dress, similar to Swiss Alpine horn yodellers and German knee-slappers.
There have been some knee-slappers, but the agency might have outdone itself last March in a letter to OSHA explaining that they were blocking a new regulation which would limit worker exposure to air contaminants in agriculture and industry because passing the regulation would--are you sitting?
5 COMEDIES: There are not a lot of knee-slappers here, but since the Golden Globes have a separate category for music/ comedy films, some of those titles may be defined as laffers, which may also be true of "One Chance" (TWC), "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (Fox) and "Enough Said" (Fox Searchlight).
So there it is: birth and death, the whole darn circle of life evoked in service of a few hearty knee-slappers and a doozy of a spit- take.