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1. Sports A short surfboard or wakeboard ridden in a kneeling position.
2. A clipboard used especially by pilots during flights for holding maps and checklists.
intr.v. knee·board·ed, knee·board·ing, knee·boards Sports
To ride a short surfboard or wakeboard in a kneeling position.
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MyGoFlight's mounting and kneeboard systems are being used by more pilots flying with iPads than any other product and are in use in general, business, commercial and military aviation.
Thanks to some patient demonstrations by coach Steve, my son, 17, was able to stand and ski on the rope by the end of the session, while my daughter, 14, stood at the side, then opted for a fun ride on the kneeboard towed behind.
The mission commander scribbled down instructions from the JTAC onto his kneeboard and prepared a plan.
The main aim of the event is to boaster "friendship across the sea" with all kneeboard counties and islands.
The lightweight kneeboard device is worn by the pilot during flight and is designed to eliminate the repetitive motion strain required to navigate and control a typical UAS by providing an intuitive point-and-click interface through a resistive (supports gloved input) multi-touchpad.
MyGoFlight, a company focused on the iPad In Motion for aviators, on Tuesday said it has introduced the iPad Sport series for both kneeboard and cockpit-mounted uses.
Sam and Miss Melanie teaching her to ski, kneeboard, and wakeboard.
After several tubing runs the kids wanted to take a few turns on the kneeboard.
The pilot writes it down on his kneeboard, punches it into the cockpit, and then reads it back to the JTAC for verification.
the Electronic Data Manager, a "ruggedized" computer worn as a kneeboard that features a GPS-driven moving map and interface to the Aviation Mission Planning System;